Arsenal – Right or Wrong For Jack Wilshere?

I think we can all agree that Jack Wilshere is the most exciting young talent for English football. The ‘Next Generation’ (as if they are robots the latest update from apple the iball) of English footballers are being criticised, praised and scrutinised since the World Cup, Jack is one of the players leading the way for the youth across the country but the FA need to get this right. We’ve seen it all before, players who haven’t made it and cracked under the pressure of the nation. Look at players like David Bentley supposedly the next Beckham and the sharp fall from grace of Michael Owen, remember him in 98?

I’m wondering whether Arsenal is the best place for Jack Wilshere after some prods and mutterings. Looking at the setup that the Gunners have with quality youth streaming and Arsene Wenger as his mentor is fantastic for him. They are notorious for finding and producing some of the best youth players in the game and Jack has become one of these.

He will be playing alongside none other than Cesc Fabregas one of Spain’s actual Golden Crop. Wilshere should learn huge amounts from a European and World Cup winner. However, Cesc did play a bit part role in those tournaments for Spain usually on the bench so. It shouldn’t be forgotten that the Arsenal captain is only 23 years old, he is still incredibly young and learning himself.

You’ve got to remember as well that over recent years Arsenal have been producing players and teams that spectacularly do sod all. If Jack Wilshere continues at his level of play being at Arsenal will have him draw a huge amount of pressure and limelight at the emirates which could be great for him or could be too much too soon. There’s no way to tell.

Jack could be better off at a club that can realistically win trophies regularly, being a part of a squad where he can get his head down and work on his game, but then would he get the game time? Well looking over to the Blue side of London Josh Mceachran is showing it can be done. He’s playing with Essien, Malouda, Ramires and Mikel who are undeniably a cut of the best midfielders on the planet right now if you can’t learn from then, there’s nothing anyone can do.

In my opinion, arsenal is probably the right place for the young Jack Wilshere. Cesc, although young, is a talent he can learn from and Wenger will be a great mentor. I think it is important to nurture his talents; he needs to work for an International place and not be thrust in too soon because we are bored of Lampard or Gerrard. I really hope that we can finally get a few players who will perform on the biggest stage. What they don’t need is being branded as golden or the next … Beckham or Gerrard, does that really help anyone.

Finally, changing club will only disrupt him and that is the last thing he or anyone else need.

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14 thoughts on “Arsenal – Right or Wrong For Jack Wilshere?

  1. Is this a high school paper or something? Worst discussion of whether Wilshere should stay at Arsenal or not I’ve seen. Why bring it up anyways?

    Certainly the club that gave him playingtime at top level, should stay his club.

  2. Jeeez… what a load of shite! Arsenal spectacularly doing sod all?? Like a champions league final and semi final in the last 5 years… that is sod all to you? Stay off the booze before write an article mate.

    Wilshere is at the best club for ANY young player irrespective of nationality. No other club of Arsenal’s size and stature dares to play footballers as young or in greater numbers… and no other team in England educates them to play the multifaceted modern game like Arsenal… Wilshere emerged from Arsenal for a reason and so are others like Gibbs, Jay Emmanuel Thomas and Afobe and Aneke… all English all gifted and all taught to play football the right way. Try writing on a subject you know something about next time.

    1. In fairness, Arsenal haven’t won a thing in five years. They’ve huffed and puffed but largely disappointed, in part due to Wenger’s reluctance to spend big in the transfer market. We all know the money is there but for whatever reason it is not being used to take the club to the next level. Until that changes Arsenal will continue to lag behind the European big guns.

      To say that no other clubs play footballers that young or in greater numbers isn’t necessarily true. Despite being able to buy pretty much anyone they want, Manchester City continue to do just as much, if not more, than Arsenal in terms of giving opportunities to top prospects.

      How many of Arsenal’s young English contingent will go on to win caps at senior level? And how many will go on to emulate the likes of Jerome Thomas, Kerrea Gilbert and Justin Hoyte? I’d say most will follow the path of the latter rather than the former.

  3. Without Arsenal there would be no Jack Wilshere. The question you should be asking is why only Arsenal produces quality English players who can pass, dribble, move well, etc. If you want such talent destroyed, then send them to “clubs that win tropgies regularly” so they can take the talent out of him and turn him into a Lampard or Fletcher.

  4. Idiotic argument. That Wilshere should only play where he can supposedly win trophies regularly is a rationale for only those clubs winning trophies. Go back to the pub and think it through again.

  5. We are just seeing the making of Jack Wilshere. The kid has a lot of match minutes to go before he thinks of his future. I find this discussion very premature. Currently, he is under the best youth setup in the country and in a club where he’ll have a lot of opportunities to play first team football at the highest level. So, can we have this discussion may be 3 years from now ?

    Arsenal fan from India

  6. 2 minutes of my life I will never get back …. next time you have a thought … do us all a favour …keep it in your head … rubbish piece … nonsense ….

  7. Wow! Just Wow!
    Not at the article but at the comments, i guess “backpagefootball” now knows which clubs fans read their blog now,
    (so get your advertising/marketing on overdrive guys, target the sheeps)

    As someone on Guardian i believe it was, wrote.

    “This kid seems really good, hmmm
    Now how are we going to mess him up?”

    Sums it up.
    England lacks quality players.

    Put Xavi in their midfield England will still play like they do now.
    Reason: Have you seen the 1st touch of players?

    What is Wilshire going to do for that, he’ll do his part sure, but that doesn’t win World Cups or make you reach a major international Final.

    (44 years and 0 Finals appearance)
    You can be loud in comments online, but that doesn’t win Finals either.

    Keep Sucking, it feels good. doesn’t it?

  8. I’d tend to agree with the Arsenal fans on here.

    Arsenal is the right place for the personal development of Wilshere, and although winning regular silverware would be nice it’s not necesssary in making a player a world class one.

    Cesc Fabregas has come to be one of the best in the world and something of a hero at Arsenal, with no silverware in his time there (luckily he’s Spanish, so international football is reeling in the silverware for him).

    Wilshere can do the same, and who knows, Wenger might splash the cash on creating a team worthy of winning silverware. With Wilshere in the heart of that team – fighting for a trophy and ultimately winning one will heap greater personal benefits than jumping ship at this stage of his career.

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