Are casino sponsors taking over football ads?

The link between football clubs and casinos has been strengthened over the years. Many football clubs bag bookie sponsorship deals in the UK. Gambling is a thriving industry in Europe because betting is legal in most European countries. 

Let us take a deep dive into the link between these two, and if casino sponsors are taking over football ads.

History of sponsorship

The first sponsorship link connecting football clubs and casinos was created about a decade ago. The introduction of online betting in the UK marked the onset of casinos partnering with football clubs.

Real Madrid was the first football club to ever get sponsored. The sponsorship lasted for five years after which Manchester United also entered a digital partnership with a betting company. The online betting company then went ahead to launch the very first football-club-based online casino app. The mobile app launch was a success because Manchester United fans embraced it. As a result, betting companies got more partnership opportunities with this was the go-ahead for betting companies to partner with other football clubs.

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Many other online betting companies joined the football club partnership trend. Worthy mentions of football clubs that got sponsored during this wave include Everton, Stoke, and Liverpool. These deals are quite lucrative for both the football club and the online betting companies. Whereas the football clubs get huge sums of money, the casinos enjoy exposure which helps in gaining more gamblers.

Of course, not every online gambling company has the intention of partnering with football clubs. Companies like Energy Casino look to promote new features like their casino bonus like these ones.

What’s new?

Bookies and casinos are sponsoring close to 60% of Championship and Premier League teams. On the upside, these partnerships have helped lower ticket prices so that more football fans can enjoy their favorite sport.

However, many argue that there is an undisputed negative consequence associated with these affiliations. There is a question as to whether or not so many enterprises should be allowed to sponsor football clubs.

The list of the teams that have partnered with casinos is long. From the looks of it, there is bound to be an uptick in the numbers. The truth is, these partnerships cannot stop unless government bodies dictate the kind of sponsorships football clubs are allowed to have.

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Why betting firms choose the Premier League

It is all about the stats and numbers never lie. For every Premier League match played, gamblers wager up to £1Bn globally. This is an astounding reading that online betting companies cannot ignore. After all, they’re in this for profit.

When there is a live football match airing on UK TV, about 95% of the breaks will feature a betting advertisement. Bear in mind that millions of people watch live football matches worldwide.

The Premier League offers online betting companies that have partnered with football clubs the opportunity to make billions overnight.

Many people wonder why there is a need for intervention if this is a win-win situation. Partnerships between casinos and football clubs is a symbiotic relationship between two industries, and every party gets what it wants.

However, the concern is so many youngsters are exposed to excessive gambling because of this. Young football fans innocently enjoying live matches get drawn into the gambling cycle without knowing it.

How the betting industry has become intricately linked to football

Match-day programmes

You would think that the time-honored club programme would be strictly about the game, but you’re wrong. Most of the match-day programmes now have the branding of gambling companies. This is especially evident if the home team is the one that has partnered with an online betting company.

VIP schemes

The betting sector greatly benefits from VIP schemes because they target gamblers who lose the most money. Gambling companies encourage gamblers to go watch live games by paying for their tickets to the match. A good number of betting companies go as far as paying for plane tickets.

Global appeal

By choosing to partner with football clubs, betting companies can advertise even in countries they’re not allowed to. Many countries across the globe do not allow betting companies to advertise. However, when they partner with a football club, their adverts can pass off as football ads.

Young men across the globe are obsessed with football. Betting companies are exploiting this obsession to introduce more people to their betting sites. Partnerships between casinos and football clubs have resulted in an online gambling craze globally.


Partnerships between online gambling companies and football clubs is no doubt a win-win for both parties involved. However, casino sponsors are taking over football ads and it’s negatively affecting youngsters. The younger generation is now as obsessed with gambling as they are about football. Government bodies need to intervene and regulate casino sponsorships.

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