Adebayor faces stamping accusation


Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor faces a stamping accusation after maliciously catching Robin van Persie’s head with his boot today at Eastlands.

The Togo international may also face a Football Association probe for running the length of the Eastlands pitch to taunt his former club’s supporters after scoring City’s third goal.

Arsenal forward van Persie was left with a gashed cheek but Adebayor escaped without a yellow card.

“He set out to hurt me,” Van Persie revealed in a statement on Arsenal’s website. “I have not received an apology from him. He had his own agenda today and that is bad for the game we all love.

“I feel lucky that I have not suffered a greater injury. The contact was only centimetres from my eye. I knew he was aiming for a collision because he changed the angle of his body to allow contact to be made. He moved backwards when his natural momentum would have taken him forward. I find that deeply disrespectful.”

Van Persie added: “He has shown a real lack of class today, to me and the fans.”

Van Persie also accused Adebayor of showing “a real lack of class today, to me and the fans”. Police and stewards had to be called in to restore order among the travelling fans after City striker’s goal celebration and the FA is likely to investigate the incident despite the player apologising for his behaviour.

“I’m very sorry for all this,” he said. “Before the game, people have been saying and writing things and the emotions took over. People who love me and know me know how I behave.”

His manager, Mark Hughes, insisted the celebration, which earned Adebayor a yellow card, was “understandable” in the light of the player’s acrimonious departure from the Emirates this summer and his fractious relationship with the club’s fans during his time in London.

“Given the last 18 months or so, it’s understandable to a certain extent,” he said. “There was a lot of pent-up emotion there and he let his emotions run away with him. It would be a shame if that incident overshadows a great game.”

Having played a game fewer, City now lie just three points off league leaders Chelsea, who maintained their flawless start to the nascent season thanks to a Florent Malouda goal four minutes into injury time at Stoke.

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2 thoughts on “Adebayor faces stamping accusation

  1. RVP believes Adebayor set out purposely to hurt him, it’s difficult to believe a player would go out with an agenda like that against an old teammate.

    Ade was certainly fired up, and action should be taken for what was a stamp – but he never set out with the sole purpose to do harm to RVP.

    Busted a gut, for the celebration –

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