Ad campaign hints at Tevez exit

Speculation has been rife over the past week that Carlos Tevez is set to end his four year association with Manchester City with AC Milan and Juventus amongst the clubs mentioned as potential suitors.

Manchester City’s official website has hinted that the Argentine is on his way out after removing him from images advertising 2013/14 season cards.

Tevez featured on the original advertisement along with Yaya Toure and countryman Sergio Aguero but has been edited out of the current version on the website’s home page.

City site Tevez

Below is the original image that includes Tevez:

City site Tevez 1

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2 thoughts on “Ad campaign hints at Tevez exit

  1. This is getting beyond a joke. I’ve got nothing better to do today – i know I’ll make stuff up about a missing image. Could it possibly be that it would have looked daft if the image of Carlos had been retained behind the new text and box on the new advert.

  2. Yeah…except that he is STILL on the add at the bottom. Click on the link and see for yourselves.

    It’s fairly obvious why the removed him for the big banner in order to make room for the box and text.

    What utter and complete crap journalism.

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