A beginner’s guide to betting on soccer in 2021

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The fact that you’re reading this article indicates that you want to learn the fundamentals. It covers everything you need to know to begin betting on soccer.

We go over the first steps you’ll need to take and why you’ll need to take them. In this article, you will learn how to make some simple soccer bets, and we will give you some tips on choosing what to bet on. We’ll go through the fundamental skills that you must learn.

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How to bet on soccer

Every week, there are thousands of soccer matches and markets to bet on. Bookmakers will provide betting on the likelihood of specific match outcomes and occurrences, such as the number of goals scored, the number of corners earned, the number of cards shown, and the names of individual goal scorers.

Several bookmakers will have exclusive deals and favourable odds to provide you with the best value bet. Your original stake plus any odds winnings are paid out when the outcome of this event is determined, and the bet is declared a winner.

We’ll go into the most popular forms of soccer bets in the sections below.

Match bet

The most basic form of soccer betting is the match bet, in which you predict the outcome of a game. You can opt to bet on a home team, an away team, or a draw. It should be noted that match bets are paid based on the result, so if the scores are tied, the draw will be the winning bet, irrespective of what occurs in extra time or sanctions.

Multi-bet builder

Bet builders are a newer addition to soccer betting, but their success has exploded in recent years. These bets are mainly a bunch of results from a single match rather than several matches.

Because of the large number of outcomes that must occur, these bets are clearly less likely to win. They are, however, ideal if you are familiar with both teams and want to put small-stake bets at higher odds by combining several results, rather than betting on each individual market, such as the number of cards, corners, and goalscorers.

You can also include player props in bet builders, which we’ll go over later. Player props are also becoming increasingly common as a standalone form of betting.

Player props/player stats

Player props bets show how far the betting markets have progressed since the days of simple goal scoring or card markets. Players can now bet on having shots, shots on target, being the first, last, or any-time goalscorer, as well as being booked or sent off.

Many bookmakers use these bets to raise odds and give players more value, but you should be careful how much you stake on these bets because soccer can be very unpredictable.

Finding the best soccer betting sites

Soccer is one of the more common betting sports in the world. With so many different games and leagues to choose from every day, the possibilities for making serious money are infinite.

As soccer betting becomes more commonplace, so do the number of online betting sites that are ready to accept your wager, like FanDuel’s website. Although having a lot of options is always beneficial, having too many options can make it challenging to pull the trigger and choose the right place for you to take action.

Sites actively promote advertisements and incentive schemes, making it more difficult to find the right place to bet on soccer.

How to assess team value in soccer betting

Anyone can place a bet on their favorite soccer team at a sports bookmaker. However, being a successful bettor necessitates some consideration, study, and strategy. The vast majority of soccer bets are based on a person’s devotion to a specific team. However, betting on your favourite team only because they’re playing doesn’t make financial sense over the course of a season.

Instead, strive to grasp the concept of ‘value’ before the soccer leagues resume. Essentially, worth is calculated by comparing your opinion of a team’s chances of winning to the odds offered by bookmakers on that outcome. If you believe a team has merit, you believe the benefits of relying on them to win will outweigh the risks.

It’s important to note that odds don’t always represent a team’s actual probability of winning or losing a game, so betting on a game can and will change odds if one team is heavily favoured. Bookmakers aren’t in the business of providing precise odds; instead, they want to keep team betting even.

If one wants to become a serious bettor, the most important thing to remember is to be familiar with all teams involved in a given match. Knowing the teams will aid you in recognizing the value in a wager, especially if an underdog is undervalued in comparison to their actual ability.

To conclude

Soccer betting is one of the most profitable and well-developed sports betting options available. Anyone can begin betting on soccer right now if they are equipped with the tips and advice given in this soccer betting guide. You can become a professional soccer betting pro in no time by starting small with one of our recommended sports betting sites and taking advantage of bonus deals and tips.

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