Zlatan wouldn’t hire Bayern’s Uli Hoeness to do his taxes

Having branded Zlatan Ibrahimovic a prima donna during the week, Uli Hoeness has had a response from the Swedish striker.

Ibrahimovic says he wouldn’t trust the Bayern Munich president to do his taxes. In a poorly translated quote from France’s L’Equipe website, the PSG forward fired back at the former West Germany international, saying he wouldn’t hire Hoeness as a tax consultant.

“A word also. Uli Hoeness , President of Bayern, who had cropped for his remarks on Pep Guardiola : ” The only thing is that I would not take this Whyness, what’s his name? Hoeness, so here I would not take it as a tax consultant “

Classic Zlatan, even intentionally mispronouncing the 61-year-old’s name.

Don’t mess with the Zlatan.

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