XI players Real Madrid should buy to win trophies

Real Madrid has struggled to win trophies against Barcelona in recent seasons. Los Blancos is constantly buying new players and managers in an attempt to be the best. Here are eleven players they could consider buying to win trophies.

GK: Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich)

The German national team keeper is ranked one of the greatest keepers of this generation and the next generation. Being in his mid-twenties Neuer is capable of being a great player for many more years.

LB: Jordi Alba (Barcelona)

Original a winger, Jordi Alba was switched to wingback and made a breakthrough in Spain’s Euro 2012 triumph. Alba transferred to Barcelona in 2012, where he spent time playing as a youth player. He has fitted in perfectly at left-back and helped Barcelona take a commanding lead in the Spanish league.

CB: Leonardo Bonucci (Juventus)

Since joining the Old Lady in 2010, Bonucci has become a key player in the strong defence that won the 2011-12 league-cup double. He is not only strong at defending, but highly capable of beginning the attack with great passes from the back. Bonucci was also a member of Italy’s Euro 2012 defence.

CB: Nemanja Vidic (Manchester United)

United’s current captain has proven over the last few seasons to be one of the best centre-back in Europe. Vidic is a two time winner of the Premier League player of the Year.

RB: Lukasz Piszczek (Borussia Dortmund)

The Polish-right back really came to everyone’s attention with the league-cup double wining Borussia Dortmund of 2011-12. Piszczek is strong in defence and good at bringing the ball forwards up the wings to assist in attack.

DM: Bastian Schweinsteiger (Bayern Munich)

The German international is not only one of the best current midfielders, but one of the best current footballers in all of Europe. Schweinsteiger has won five Bundesliga titles, five German cups and two league cups with Bayern Munich. His football skills are complimented by his ability to read the game that makes him a deadly central midfielder.

DM: David Luiz (Chelsea)

Luiz began his football career in Brazil as a defensive midfielder, but was moved into the central defender role. It has recently become obvious that he is perhaps better adapted to his original midfield position, and has been deployed there a number of times by Benitez at Chelsea. His tackling ability and strong dribbling skills could develop Luiz into one of the best central-midfielder in the seasons ahead.

LM: Leo Messi (Barcelona)

It is that simple, Madrid could buy all these other players but without Messi they are not guaranteed any trophies. Not only would they have the four times Ballon d’Or winner in their squad, but arch-rivals Barcelona would not. However unlikely it is that the Messiah may make the switch, it has been done before by Luis Figo, Laudrup, Eto’o, Ronaldo, and even Di Stefano almost did it.

CAM: Mario Goetze (Borussia Dortmund)

Dortmund’s number 10 has been a transfer target for a number of big clubs, including Real Madrid. The young German has great skill and technique as well as excellent creativity. Goetze has the potential to become one of the greatest footballers of his generation.

RM: Eden Hazard (Chelsea)

Hazard has been nothing short of impressive since joining the Londoners in 2012. The Belgium forward possess impressive speed, ability and understanding of the game. Still quite young, Hazard should have a number of impressive seasons ahead of him.

ST: Neymar (Santos)

The young Brazilian is the only player in this list not currently playing in Europe. Many have compared him to Brazilian and Santos legend Pele, who in turn claims Neymar will be better than Messi. His explosive power and excellent shooting ability has seeNm him linked with many top European clubs, including Real Madrid.

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13 thoughts on “XI players Real Madrid should buy to win trophies

  1. Is Neuer better than Casillas? No.

    Is Vidic better than Ramos and Pepe? No.

    Is Luiz better than Xabi Alonso and Khedira? No. (I’m not sure he’s not even better than Mascherano in the long run as a multipurpose CB/DM.)

    Is Hazard better than Higuain? Possikly – but he’s certainly not better than C. Ronaldo and Benzema.

    So, if we discount Messi and Alba for obvious reasons, there’s only player on that list who could realistically be expected (a) even consider making such a move and (b) improve the squad that Madrid already have: Neymar.

  2. “Real Madrid has struggled to win trophies against Barcelona in recent seasons.” Can you please enlighten us who is the reigning La Liga and Spanish SuperCup Champion?

    All the players on your list, except for Messi, would be on Real Madrid’s bench. You make it seem as if Real Madrid, the most accomplished team in the world, is desperate to win trophies. Take the Bernabeau tour and see for yourself.

  3. You are barking mad. First of all, almost every name on your list (eg. Schweini, Neuer, Messi and Gotze) are untransferable.

    No club in their right mind would sell these players. As a Madridista, I wouldn’t have thought of these players. Stop playing FIFA 13 and come back to your senses.

    The more possible transfers which I would like to see are:
    RB: Carvajal (bring him back from Leverkusen!)
    CAM: Isco (rising Spanish player from Malaga)
    ST: Falcao (not quite sure due to rivalry)

  4. Totally agree with the rest. What a ridiculous and absurd article. Firstly, most of the players here will be on the bench and there is absolutely no added value from this article.
    Is there a new tactical insight? Is there a new footballing viewpoint? It seems to me that we are reading an article written from a fifa 13 obsessed tinkerer who has nth better to do than make an imaginary team. Tip: if you want to write about football, try focusing on the past present or future, not the imaginary.
    It is appalling how these types of articles actually get published. What are you doing backpagefootball? Don’t get me wrong, the other posts are good but this is just pure crap. Come on, I am sure there are other better articles that you can publish.
    Absolutely terrible piece.

  5. neymar is not gonna come….he will goto barca….there is no need to even mention messi and alba…..real has best goal keeper…..could use a good defender such as vidic….but v need a winger to replace di maria…such as bale

  6. Classic trolling. Madrid should sign Messi. brilliant.

    Well, we’re assuming it’s a troll piece. No idiot would write this and mean it. Schweinsteiger leaving Bayern is about as unlikely too.

  7. Jose, Kaka, Karim, is that you?

    Yeah, the article was more of a, ‘XI good players in good positions’ than must sign transfers. But who would read that article?

    While the likes of Schweinsteiger and Neuer are not likely to leave their clubs, this is the quality of players Madrid have always tried to attract.

    But you have to admit Madrid have struggled recently. Three trophies since 2008-09 is an awful statistic for a club as big as los Blancos. Already this season they are out of the Copa del Rey and realistically out of la Liga as well.

    The fact that they are the most successful European club is exactly why they should not be happy and want more trophies. While they may not be making these transfers, Perez will no doubt be planning some changes.

    But thanks for reading and sharing your opinions anyway.

  8. First of all real madrid now don’t need neuer he is one of the best goalkeepers right now i think he is 24 and casillas will play at least three seasons so he wouldn’t join madrid as a substitute that’s the first point and the second point is that both coentrao and marcelo better than jordi alba its obvious that even adriano who is substitute to marcelo in the national team is better than him and about shwensteiger real don’t need him they already have alonso,khedira and modric and for messi it’s impossible to real madrid to sign him and even if he sign for real madrid he wouldn’t succeed real already have cristiano and they are likely to sign bale and falcao and maybe neymar so who will be the top player that will lead the team ?B.t.w as a madridista i hope neymar sign for barcelona because i am sure that he will not succeed he is not a teamwork player like messi he is like cristiano ronaldo he will have the same future as alexis sanchez who is now the top failure of the team i think if he sign for chelsea for example he would be big player look at what happens with him at barcelona he go one on one with the keeper and he fail to score thats simply because of a wrong decision by him and by barcelona

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