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We’re looking for talented writers to join the BPF Team.

Do you enjoy the French Ligue 1 or fancy a bit of South American football? Then we want to hear from you. It’s easy to write about your favourite team or to round up the Premier League action – but that’s boring! Everyone is a Premier League expert, we want to be informed about football from all around the world and we want our views challenged with intelligent football writing.

You don’t have to have a working knowledge of obscure football leagues hundreds of miles away – all you need is an opinion or an interesting topic that will inform and tell the reader something new. Make their time reading your article worthwhile. Even if they disagree with it their views will have been challenged and this will lead to the one thing football writing thrives on – debate.

 What to write?
  • General feature articles and opinion pieces
  • League coverage: (Ireland, Spain, Italy, France, Scotland amongst others)
  • Football around the world (South America, Africa, Asia)
  • Culture and history
  • Up Front contributor (videos, GIFs, the funny and bizarre)
  • Pitch us your own ideas


We will promote your Twitter, email and blog links within your articles as we thrive to give our writers as much exposure as possible.

Unfortunately, we are not in position to pay writers for content. However, we have been a starting platform for many fantastic journalists who have gone on to be very successful with their own sites, as well as work for publications and websites such as The Guardian, The Independent, ESPN, FourFourTwo, WhoScored, The Huffington Post, BBC Sport, Metro.co.uk, Squawka and SBNation amongst many others.

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NOTE: Make it a worthwhile submission. Links to your work is helpful but not necessary. We don’t publish match reports and news articles, we leave that to the big guys.

Please send a mail directly to editor@backpagefootball.com