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Willian is off to Liverpool on Tuesday. Allegedly.

by Kevin Coleman

It’s not silly season until a fan gets a picture with his team’s big summer target in the local nightclub.

Apparently, the afro-headed bloke in the centre is Liverpool target Willian. According to @TankForrest, the chap who jumped to the opportunity of taking photographic proof, Willian will sign Tuesday. We’re sold.

It sure does look like the Brazilian. There can’t be that many fellas with huge afros walking around Liverpool, can there?


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  1. Shedrach says:

    I wil love to see the verteran wearing no-19 shirt for the reds

  2. Webby1892 says:

    If that really is him what’s he doing out at that time . Thought footballers had curfews to stick to? It won’t be him it will be some look alike trying it on . It’s funny though

  3. Clarkson peter says:

    i hope this rumour is true and i did like to see him at anfield

  4. Clarkson peter says:

    i hope this rumour is true and i did like to see him at anfield, Because he is an experience midfelder and he will help us in top 4 finished.

  5. isaac nkansah says:

    Eeeiii how i wish this guy will wear the faithful red jersey. I always wake up everynight just to hear news on this guy to our club because he is fantastic i watched him against chelsea and juventus with great skills and passes.

  6. phesto says:

    dis guy is a great playerI’ll luv 2 c him in red at anfield! Ynwa!

  7. H jonus says:

    Wonderful news!lets 4 tomorrow

  8. makusota B.Emmanuel says:

    Hmm!….willian is an experienced and very gifted player,.He’s kinda type of player every club will loves to have,he’s skillful player,.and also possesses some magic,on the pitch,.’due to be twitting with different players in different clubs doesn’t mean anything….i think he needs to cleared off his burden and also feel relieved.afterall he hasn’t came to play in the English premier league before?..i don’t blaim him for exchanging words with his country men…but I’d like to recommend him to join Liverpool,.for that’s where He will enjoyed every lifes he wants,.”you will never walk alone”.in every situations,they are always there for you,.i hoped he himself heard or see publishing of luis suarez act?, the way they stood by luis despite all the “pushings”and the difficulties they faced because of this,.yet,they won’t allow the player to let go with such burden of lambastening (Criticism).there are only few clubs who could stand to face such disgrace,.it also tarnishs their names,reputation…I believed in one Abraham lincoln quote that says “my best friend is a person who will give me a book I haven’t read”.they stay by you and stand there for you,they loves each other,they are united….As for me Makusota B.Emmanuel,i believed there’s nothing sweeter than that.

  9. Krish says:

    which club will set curfew time on its player in overseas looking for a move with the club also wanting to sell? What are you smoking over there???

  10. Mr krish,it’s been a long time I came here.i’ve really missed most of my liverpool fans ‘maybe and that of the rivals here…i don’t get you pls do try to put more enlightment

  11. You’ll never walk alone,.you can see it’s happening.we need your prayer rivals!..

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