Will the Republic of Ireland ever win the World Cup?

First off, I’m not being pessimistic about this, I am being realistic. We all know that our national team is miles behind the world powerhouses in terms of youth development, structure and natural talent. The latter nobody can do anything about unless we change the genes of the population…

But seriously, Irish football is too far behind the likes of Germany, Spain and even the USA. If something isn’t done soon, we can forget about ever winning any football competition and leave the glory to rugby and boxing where we tend to be a little more successful.

Personally, I admire the Germans for the way they have rekindled their status as one of the world’s greats. This did not happen overnight. Millions and millions was invested in setting up youth academies. Take Borussia Dortmund for example; in the last couple of years they have produced players like Mats Hummels and Mario Goetze. Hummels was released by Bayern Munich while Goetze was brought up through the youth ranks. From the age of about 12, Goetze would have lived full time at Borussia’s academy complex, learning to become the complete footballer. Compare that to a talented Irish 12 year old. He would play away with a Sunday league side while also playing with a county “development” squad. At the age of 16 he would go to England, away from his family and probably fall by the wayside. This is no way to improve technique or physical ability. How many Irish players have played for Real Madrid or Barcelona? None, because they are not technically good enough.

A change in attitude is also needed in this country. I was at an Ireland versus Spain U21 match two years ago. During the warm up, in the players own time at the end, the Irish lads were “belting” the ball at the goal while the Spanish players were passing in a small circle. What was the result? I think you can guess.

So what is the solution you might ask? Well, we can’t do anything about natural talent. But we can nurture and develop the talent we do have. Centres of Excellence must be opened in all counties, and not just the Emerging Talent Programmes where players train once a week. Players must live, eat, breath and sleep football. Coaches must be educated to a higher level. I admire anyone who volunteers to manage a Sunday league team but once you move up a level, the coaches must be more in tune with the “modern” way in which football is played. Not some old fool turning up with a woolly hat and jacket thinking he’s the business because he took his Kickstart 2 coaching course 40 years ago! It’s an atrocious situation for any young player to find themselves in.

Ireland needs to take a more positive and modern approach to football. Players should be allowed to wear flashy boots if they want, and not be condemned to a life of “Copa Mundials”. As my manager used to say, “look professional, feel professional, play professional” and that’s true. More artificial pitches need to be built with adjoining gyms. Players need to learn about proper diet and how to prolong the length of their careers.

To sum up, Ireland will never win a thing if time and money is not invested within our football. We need to look at the systems of Germany, Spain and the USA to learn how to properly train players. Of course, I don’t think this will happen considering the current economic climate that we’re in, but one can hope.

Anyway, look forward to Euro 2012, and look forward to seeing Ireland versus Spain. Xavi and Iniesta have no chance against, er, Glenn Whelan and Keith Andrews…

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Aidan Curran

2 thoughts on “Will the Republic of Ireland ever win the World Cup?

  1. Hi Aidan

    I like and agree with absolutely everything you say in your article but the simple answer to your question is simple. NO!!!!
    Nothing to do with population size, the detriment of the EPL on Irish football or lack of technique or talent. I think you forget who runs football in this country. The FAI. They would never be willing to make such an investment in underage soccer but would rather pile money into failed unproven projects that were due to line their own pockets or curry favour with high powered acquaintances. Absolutely inept bunch of muppets led by the supreme moronic narcissist John Delaney who tries to buy the love of the nation with token gestures of goodwill considering the size of his over inflated salary in times of recession.

  2. Aidan, everything you say is spot on. So spot on that you remind me of myself and the way I have been harping on for years about the quality of our players and coaches.

    It all really begins and ends with coaches. If you look at developed countries versus non developed countries (I am talking about the likes of say Ireland versus Cameroon or even Paraguay or Chile). Ireland would be considered to have more economic clout (well not now maybe but you get the idea) than either of the other three.

    Yet the players they produce are light years ahead of ours when it comes to technical ability. We (as a rule) get the ball, and treat it like a hot potato. They get the ball and seek to do something creative with it. THey have all the time in the world because they are comfortable on the ball and no that no matter what they do, they will not lose the ball. Worst case scenario is they’ll be forced to pass, but they’ll at least hold onto possession.

    We on the other hand hoof the ball from the back to a forward who is surrounded by three or four defenders. You can guess the result.

    You’re right. Unless something changes Ireland will win nothing.

    And the most annoying thing is – we have seen for decades that our methods don’t work yet we persist with them. While the likes of Germany, as you say, and Holland (a country of eight million) identify the problem and then fix it.

    We need more of our kids to get away from English football and move to the European leagues.

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