Video: Idiot City fan approaches Phil Neville on train

Have you seen the Manchester City fan who thought he’d be clever enough to record himself approaching Phil Neville on a train? The fan mocked Neville and David Moyes’ season, but was nicely brushed off from the former Everton and Manchester Utd defender.

If reports are to believed, Moyes had less patience recently with an annoying rival fan.

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5 thoughts on “Video: Idiot City fan approaches Phil Neville on train

  1. It’s funny how utd fans are top of the league for dishing it out and belittling all other teams, and yet they are bottom of the league for taking it. I love it, seeing the arrogant neighbours squirming. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving lot.

  2. So I see the Rags can’t take the banter, You lot were loving yobs pissing on Balotelli’s car and other such classless things. Funny you can’t see the funny side even though the lads done nothing illegal unlike that rag scum bag yet look at the lot of ya, hilarious!

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