Video: Carragher and Neville’s excellent analysis of Liverpool v Chelsea

This is worth 17 minutes or so of your time, you’ll learn something.

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3 thoughts on “Video: Carragher and Neville’s excellent analysis of Liverpool v Chelsea

  1. Liverpool were naive, did they think Chelsea would open the door, and invite them to score. Chelsea went for the win using superior tactics.. They still had more shots on the Liverpool goal, than most visitors to Anfield, They knew Liverpool had a weak defense, and would have their chances to score. if they were patient. Frankly, they were easy.

  2. Chris, Liverpool were not naive. You know Brendan Rodgers isn’t a kind of manager who approaches a game without extensive homework about opponent’s tactics. Liverpool wanted to win, Chelsea didn’t. Chelsea did not set their team up to be patient and wait their chance. Goals came from an individual error and when Liverpool risked everything in the last minute of the game. Chelsea weren’t that threatening. Imagine if Gerrard had not slip and the scoreline was 0-0 at half-time. What Chelsea did was a coward act. It was not wrong, but coward. Not to mention how Chelsea employed time-wasting tactic. Liverpool simply frustrated, tactically and mentally.

    1. Sorry mate, if Rogers tactics were any good, they’d have won. Chelsea had many clear cut chances, they were patient, and waited for the right moment to score, Just look at the number of shots Chelsea had, It was a stroll for the blues. Face it, it’s common knowledge that Liverpool are defensively weak, all Chelsea had to do was close the back door. ,Face it, Liverpool are no where as good as they think they are

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