Top 10 Kits of 11/12

by Kevin Coleman

Here are ten of the new shirts on offer this summer that caught our eye. Did we leave any nice ones out? Let us know in the comments section.

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Fenerbache (Home) …….. Sheffield Wednesday (Away) ……… St. Etienne (Home)

Lazio (Home) ………….. Boca Juniors (Home) …………….. Norwich (Away)

Hamburg (Away) ……………. Lyon (Home) ……………….. Maccabi Haifa (Away)

AC Milan (Away)

11 Responses

  1. Dylan Fahy says:

    I must be the only person that likes the new AC Milan home hit…

    1. Keith Murray says:

      Completely with you on that – best shirt this Summer!
      Barca’s black one is awesome as well!

      1. I love it too, the away kit is superb as well.

  2. The new Nottingham Forest home kit is very nice, retro style by Umbro, similar to the last England shirt. Quality apparel.

  3. mao says:

    Great choice in including Norwich. I thought Hearts’ home kit for 2011/12 is a really sharp one and probably better than Hamburg’s change.

  4. Ken Sutton says:

    Top choice for Norwich. We have 2 tasty kits this year

  5. Rael says:

    I’m a fan of the flamboyant kit, so I personally find the new Juve away and Dortmund home kits to be the most beautiful!

  6. John Devlin says:

    Some great choices there – the Norwich one is a real classic. No red kits surprisingly?

  7. Neil Sherwin Neil Sherwin says:

    The Norwich shirt is what the new Ireland one should’ve been.

    Also the Milan away is superb. I may indugle with a bit of Super Pippo on the back.

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