Top 10 World Cup Jerseys

by Kevin Coleman

As the World Cup closes near, BPF picks a selection of ten of the nicest jerseys that will be on show in South Africa.

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  1. Kevin Coleman Kevin Coleman says:

    OK I’ve seen the Slovenian jersey on one or two “worst kit” lists, but I think it’s something different and stand-out from Nike.

    My, but Puma have done a wonderful job on the African jerseys.

  2. Dave Cooper says:

    The Ghana Away kit is very nice, reminiscent of Hagi era Galatasary. Would argue the inclusion of the Italy shirt, the collar is a nice touch but the shadowy muscular outline is pretty weird.

  3. Neil Sherwin Neil Sherwin says:

    Yeah the Italian one is fairly horrible imo.

    The New Zealand black shirt is pure class though. Simple and effective.

    1. Kevin Coleman Kevin Coleman says:

      I saw that, very retro.

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