Three reasons Cristiano Ronaldo will not be returning to Manchester United

by Nikica Kolundzic

Ronaldo2The footballing universe was left hanging in suspense after Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo took to Twitter to announce all rumours of an agreement over a new contract with Los Blancos false. It also took just several tense minutes after the dramatic announcement before fans and pundits alike immediately began debating intensely over what the unpredictable Madrid striker’s next move would be. With outrageous speculation and fabricated gossip dominating much of social networking sites and sports columns, the never-ending buzz surrounding one of the best players’ on the planet refused to calm, with one familiar and famous fanbase in particular being sent into a wild frenzy: the Manchester United supporters.

Although interesting odds ranged from the absolute absurd in claims Ronaldo was mulling over a transfer to Monaco, to many believing a shock move to another Premier League club could be on the cards – the one team which has always looked most likely to land the signature of the skilled Portuguese footballer has been Manchester United. After a dream move from Sporting Lisbon in 2003, Ronaldo’s fairytale story with the Red Devils had cruelly culminated with a stunning transfer to Real Madrid which shook the world only three years ago. Ever since the move materialised though, United fans refused to believe they had seen the last of Ronaldo in a red shirt – the same burning hope that has been fuelled by the circulation of ceaseless rumours associated with the talented and confident star in recent months.

However, even though United fans may well be immune to the heartbreaking reality for now, one has to wonder just how close they are to what would be the biggest transfer of all time, as although many believe a move to Manchester may be imminent – here are several reasons why it is important to stay grounded and remind ourselves the situation in Madrid may not be quite so rosy and seasoned for a transfer of one of the biggest superstars in not just football alone, but the whole world.

3. On a footballing standpoint, are Manchester United better than Real Madrid?

When players trade clubs, it usually comes down to two small things: their wages and potential of winning trophies, something which is a necessity if players look to be recognised as the one of the best. In February, the whole world was on the edge of their seats as a long-awaited, momentous collision between two footballing juggernauts in Manchester United and Real Madrid finally happened, with Real Madrid winning the tie 3-2 over two exciting legs and progressing to the quarter-finals of the legendary Champions League tournament. Even though it reminded Ronaldo of the glory he had once happily experienced at Old Trafford in an United shirt, it reminded the everyone of English football’s deterioration in the big leagues and ultimately showed teams like Manchester United still had a long way to go if they were to successfully clinch the Champions League trophy once again.

Consequently, even though United’s chances may have been considerably lessened by a controversial decision from the referee of the second tie in Manchester, it was safe to assume the better team had deservedly advanced through to the next round. A lot of people believe Ronaldo is one of the few left who plays football because of the unmatched love, passion and grace he has maintained since he was a small child developing his natural talent and prowess in the streets of the small town of Santo Antonio, Funchal. Seeing as Real Madrid are definitely part of the top five in both popularity and technicality, and in a much higher position than Manchester United in both aspects – one has to ponder exactly why Ronaldo would leave the prominent club to join one which is arguably a fraction of the side they used to be in the past, especially in terms of their decline in individual starpower and quality of play.

2. Moyes has been promised funds, but just how much is he allowed to spend?

Aside from the impervious task of persuading Ronaldo to come to Old Trafford, another big factor which would almost certainly delay smooth proceedings is the transfer fee. With just a surprising £52.9million being the highest amount of cash United have splashed on players in a season during the past five years (in comparison to their rich rivals Manchester City and Chelsea) it is fairly obvious this amount alone wouldn’t even cover three-quarters of the ridiculous fee Real Madrid would certainly demand for their unsettled, Portuguese gem. In fact, it is safe to say a price ranging from £60million-£70million would be an ambitious estimate to say the least, as it’s likely Real Madrid wouldn’t want to increase losses (which would already be extremely painful for both the club and their fans) even further by struggling to reclaim the £80million they’d forked out for the greatest although debatable, player in the world.

Last year, Manchester United spent £48million, with half of this hearty bundle contributing to the mega-transfer which allowed Robin Van Persie to move to Manchester from old-enemies Arsenal. With United also being linked to other world-class, international stars in Barcelona playmaker Cesc Fabregas and Dortmund hitman Robert Lewandowski, it is hard to imagine whether manager David Moyes would have the backing from the board to invest in such an extraordinary trio of attacking players, despite how low-risk it may seem. With outside bets also being placed on close links to in-form midfielder Gareth Bale and Dutch starlet Kevin Strootman, Moyes would have to play a dangerous game of elimination, and prioritise Ronaldo to other, equally-gifted players, even if it does leave United short of the quality they have needed in several areas for the past few years now.

Additionally, even though Ronaldo would be the player fans are clamoring profoundly for, there would be a lot of pressure on Moyes to make the right decision – and one which could cost them a Premier League title, a same mistake their Manchester counterparts made in the pre-season negotiations last year; the same mistake which would eventually lead to their faint and diminishing hopes of regaining their title as the season continued.

1. What reason would Ronaldo have for leaving?

Aside from the obvious fact Ronaldo has had previous history with the club, the only other reason anyone believed Ronaldo had for a return to Old Trafford one day was his renowned relationship with former manager Sir Alex Ferguson. In the past, the Portuguese sensation spoke of his treasured and strong bond with Sir Alex, even stating he saw him as a father-figure due to the way he nurtured the star’s rise as a youngster, both on and off the pitch. However, with Ferguson unfortunately announcing his inevitable retirement at the end of last season, a lot of pundits began to question just what Ronaldo really has left in Manchester.

Furthermore, everyone in football is aware of the clear attraction and love between young, foreign starlets and Real Madrid, and you only have to look at examples of players such as Kaka and Gonzalo Higuain who may not be satisfied with the amount of game-time they’ve had during their time at the Bernabeu, but equally cannot bring themselves to leave such a historic and prestigious club. Put simply, you cannot play for a club any bigger than Real Madrid – the amazing experience of playing for Real Madrid is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and only the absolute best such as Roberto Carlos and Zinedine Zidane have graced the 85,000 Los Merengues spectators week in, week out on a regular basis.

Therefore, one has to really wonder why Ronaldo would want to leave the remarkable club to rejoin an old club which pretty much already regards him as one of its legends – instead of cementing his legacy at the Santiago Bernabeu and continuing his epic rivalry with Lionel Messi in order to solidify their attempts of silencing the other as truly, the world’s greatest.

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  1. J says:

    3. United showed they were as good, if not better than madrid in that clash. –

    2. United have the funds to buy him, but it is not worth it for a 29 year old who wants 100% of his image rights. –

    1. Not just Ferguson who has a good relationship with him but the fans, as was evident during the CL tie. Premier league is the most watched league in the world, and Ronaldo will have move chance of wining the balon d’or, as the eyes of the world will be on him almost every week instead of just the classico weekend.

    1. Nikica Kolundzic says:

      I think the money would be worth it for Ronaldo, even though he is still 29, he is one of the best players in the world, arguably the best and as it is because of this there are eyes watching him every week, not just the El Classico weekend. I’m not sure whether Ronaldo will have more chance of winning the Ballon D’or, I listed some reasons in some other comments so have a look there.

  2. Ebenezer Taiwo says:


  3. Donald says:

    Ronaldo’s career at United will sound high since he is talented to bring in the missing tactical crosses, the fact that must help thd club to lift as many trophies as possible. He is the most respectable player at Man u club by funs. He will be most welcome back home. Donald R from Uganda.

    1. Nikica Kolundzic says:

      Its not a question of being welcomed back, I think he will certainly be welcomed back but I just don’t see why he would leave now, at a time where he still has lots to achieve with Madrid as a club instead of going back to the club where he has won almost every single trophy possible. He has no challenges left there, and Ronaldo is someone who plays football because he loves it and I see him trying to pursue the missing trophies he hasn’t had during his time with Madrid.

  4. Sam says:

    United were on course to knock Madrid out before that shocking decision. Even Mourinho stated the best team lost! United and Madrid aren’t far off in terms of quality.

    Regarding the funding United have agreed massive sponsorship deals with Chevrolet and Nike that has freed up extra funds, they are also working with these sponsors to help fund the deal. So money isn’t an issue imo.

    Why would Ronaldo want to come back? He’s still adored by United, the romance of the club that nurtured him to the top would be a draw. He knew he was top dog in the PL, and he would be again. The chances of him winning his second Ballon d’Or would increase.

    1. Nikica Kolundzic says:

      Yeah United were playing better than Real Madrid but I think even if Nani had not been sent off, with a game like that the outcome could still be up in the air and I think Real Madrid were having better quality of play than Manchester United, something they have been struggling with all season really.

      Yeah I heard about the deal with Chevrolet and Nike, but I think the bigger question will be how much Madrid will want, how much Ronaldo will want and whether United have the full backing from the board.

      I know Ronaldo has a connection with the club but would his chances of a Ballon D’Or increase? Because the PL is a harder league to play in than La Liga with better sides and you have to wonder whether he really would be scoring as many goals in an United shirt as he has been doing with Madrid for the past 3 years. I don’t think his chances of winning the Ballon D’or are directly tied to which league he plays in, but it is something to consider. He has had previous with the club but I don’t think the appeal of coming back is higher than the appeal of staying at Madrid further, as he does have unfinished business with Madrid (winning the CL, regaining the title) and Messi. (Winning a Ballon D’or during his time at Madrid)

  5. i think cr7 will do well in united than real madrid.

    1. Nikica Kolundzic says:

      Really, with the PL there are about 4, 5 teams with a chance of winning the title and giving United a problem (Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal, possibly Spurs) but with La Liga, although the quality of sides have improved, there is only really 2 teams who are in contention for the title, (Barcelona and Madrid, with Atletico holding an outside chance) I think his chances of winning the CL will stay the same regardless of whether he moves, and depending on which of his clubs have the more ambitious summer window, but I think you can also tell he would do better in La Liga because of his stats, as even though he was a right winger for United and hadn’t had as good of a goal to game ratio, he still performs better at Madrid regardless of his position so that’s something to consider too.

  6. hadn’t been a man down, united could have beaten madrid.i think united are ahead of madrid in terms of quality.

  7. J says:

    the only other competitive game apart from el classico was Atletico madrid, and now they have lost Falcao.

    In the premier league, the whole world will want to watch:
    United v City
    United v Liverpool
    United v Chelsea
    United v Arsenal
    United v Tottenham

    and other smaller but just as competitive games like:
    West Ham
    Swansea (if they keep ladrup/michu)

    That is 10 teams i.e. 20 matches which is over 50% of Uniteds premier league games this season.
    On top of this is the biggest/oldest Domestic cup in the world (F.A. Cup)

    1. Nikica Kolundzic says:

      I agree with you, it is much harder to play consistently in the PL than it is in La Liga, for sure.

  8. SH says:

    Not thought through what a terrible artical 1. Your first claim Madrid are better than United for 65 minutes until a completely incorrect decision United were in control and was the better team 2. Lewandoski, Fabregas are not coming to United as clearly stated by many reports and as for Bale it one or the other Ronaldo or Bale and 3. Ferguson is still there not the manager but never the less still there . Such a lazy and fabricated artical

    1. Nikica Kolundzic says:

      United were anything but in control, they had scored but had slowly started to become lazy and stay deep in their own half at times, and Real Madrid played a lot better than most people are making out to be. And so because a report states someone isn’t coming, it automatically makes it true? I’m sure everyone takes every single report with a pinch of salt, if I hear that Messi is moving to Arsenal I don’t automatically believe its true, just because it ‘was clearly stated by many reports?’ I don’t believe anything until a player or club officially announces it, instead of reports fuelling stupid speculation. And Ferguson isn’t the manager, he is the sporting director or something like that, and I’m not being funny but Ronaldo will be working with Moyes, not Ferguson, which is entirely different, regardless of whether Ferguson will be there, so he’s not exactly coming back to a familiar environment? You claim its a lazy and fabricated article, yet your points don’t seem so thought through either.

  9. Constantine says:

    United WITH Ronaldo will be better than Real Madrid. Everyone knows that, including Ronnie. Also, budget will not be an issue if Robaldo is serious about coming back. Also, we need to remember that Real have a burning desire for Bale. If Ronnie stays with them, they can kiss Bale bye-bye, as he will be probably bought by another club…

    1. Nikica Kolundzic says:

      Yeah, but I don’t think Real Madrid are a team that would rely on other club’s movement during the window, I think there is a possibility for Bale to come to Real even if Ronaldo is there, because Di Maria has been under-performing and quite disappointing this season so his sale could fund a Bale move, and they play wingers which cut in on their stronger foot so Bale would fit in on the right and Ronaldo can keep his drifting around the pitch position. I don’t think budget will be an issue but is it an amount of money United are willing to spend and Madrid would be willing to accept? They would be losing one of the best players in the world in his sale so they have to make sure they play their cards right, and try to gain as much money as possible without threatening the deal. And I think any team would be significantly better with Ronaldo, regardless of which club it is

  10. cosmin.united says:

    dude real madrid are shi.te for 10 years now , they cant win anything in spain , always in the shadow of barca, and yes united are at the moment a bigger club than real 3 UCL finals to 0, united wins 4 title in 5 years real 1 in 5 , im sorry they are not up there anymore,and the match betwen the 2 was a joke , real was pushed from behind by the referees in both game , what a disgrace

    1. Nikica Kolundzic says:

      I suppose you can argue at how they won the match and got through and you can say that even looking at their disappointing domestic dominance, but you’re forgetting they’ve gotten to the semi-finals consecutively for the past 3 seasons, and you don’t do that ENTIRELY based on luck, so they still deserve some credit. I also agree with you, they aren’t the team these days they used to be with the likes of Zidane, Figo etc. but they still are a good side who can test even the best European sides year on year.

  11. Valdi says:

    Real Madrid arent close to United level.
    Real Madrid are a one man team (Ronaldo)
    Without Ronaldo they would lose against United.

    1. Nikica Kolundzic says:

      I don’t see how Real Madrid are a one man team when you look at the amazing players they have, they have Ozil, Di Maria, Xabi Alonso, Modric, Ramos, Casillas, there’s no way they are a one-man team but they have been out of form this season, especially Di Maria. I don’t think there is a huge difference in skill between the two, but Real Madrid, in my opinion, are just more of an attacking threat and are more technical than United.

  12. rob says:

    Real are nowhere near the standard of barca if Ronnie wants success he must leave real. lets just hope he doesn’t go to France like a lot of top players, its a joke league and a easy way out imo.

    1. Nikica Kolundzic says:

      Well with that being said I think we’re beginning to see Barcelona’s reign over Europe end, we saw how Bayern destroyed them over 2 legs in surprsing fashion and I think that Ronaldo should stay with Madrid and find that success he has been missing, he has no challenges left in Manchester because he has already won every trophy possible with them, with Madrid he still has a lot to achieve in winning La Liga and overtaking Messi as the world’s best, something he hasn’t been able to move since his move to Madrid so he still has unfinished buisness.

      And I agree with you about players moving to France, I was so sad to hear Falcao had gone to Monaco, clearly greedy and wants more money but Ronaldo strikes me as someone who plays football because of his passion and love for the game, so hopefully a footballing standpoint will sway his decision more than a financial standpoint, but at the same time you can’t blame players for wanting more money and wanting to increase their wages and wealth, but at the same time the best should be playing for the best teams in the best leagues.

  13. Constantine says:

    There’s no question that Bale would fit in Real Madrid with Ronaldo there…It’s just that Real will not be able to afford Bale without selling Ronaldo. Even if they were to sell DiMaria, especially with his performance this year, they’d be lucky to get 30 mil… Tottenham is looking for bids over 75 mil to consider partying with THEIR best player. And I never said that United would be better with Ronaldo…I said that they would be better THAN Real Madrid, answering to your argument on whether a player would transfer to a worse team (ie from Madrid to United).

    1. Nikica Kolundzic says:

      Yeah, Bale would certainly have a place in the same attack as Ronaldo because they could play on opposite wings, and even rotate playing down the middle during games. I think Real Madrid would be able to afford Bale and Ronaldo, I think any club would do what they could and as much as they could financially to keep one of the best players in the world in the same side as one of the hottest young stars in the game too. I think Spurs are pushing it a bit with 75million, I think they would be happy to accept a 55million price range outside of the PL, and a 65million price range inside the PL, I don’t think Bale will be worth that much just yet.

      Oh I understand what you mean with United being better than Madrid with Ronaldo, they have been really poor on the wings this year so that would definitely help and their quality of play hasn’t been the best of recent times, although they don’t need firepower as much he would still provide an interesting creativity and different dimension of attack to United’s play, as opposed to Valencia who just cuts in on his right foot and Nani who rarely pulls off something special like he used to or puts in the performances like he used to.

  14. Josh says:

    This writer is insane trying forcibly to sell the logic. I am not here to argue that if he will leave RM or not, but just to highlight the part where the writer lacked the respect for ManU and for unjustified and unparallel comparison between RM and ManU. I agree that CR has less chance of palying for Oldtrafford in the current scenario, yet its pathetic trying to prove the 3 logic by making RM look like the league winner team and Manu the bottom team that just fought from relegation. Look at the sentences chosen to prove the logic.

    Consequently, even though United’s chances may have been considerably lessened by a controversial decision from the referee of the second tie in Manchester, it was safe to assume the better team had deservedly advanced through to the next round………..I would say Real were lucky to win even when ManU were down to 10. Didn’t u watch the match?? I feel that the writer just went through a 10 min highlight to draw the conclusion.

    Seeing as Real Madrid are definitely part of the top five in both popularity and technicality, and in a much higher position than Manchester United in both aspects – one has to ponder exactly why Ronaldo would leave the prominent club to join one which is arguably a fraction of the side they used to be in the past, especially in terms of their decline in individual starpower and quality of play.—————-
    How about ManU being the club with the largest number of fan worldwide, and how about winning once and being the finalist two more times in the last five years CL. Or is there other way to define top 5 club teams of the world? Winning or losing is a part of game…….If RM had lost to ManU in the CL doesn’t either make ManU far ahead then RM. Both team have history, both team are well respected, well known and iconic representation of football club across the globe. If RM is one of the oldest and largest football club in the world, so is ManU. I see that they lie in the same league, and they are capable of beating eachother, just that one has to have their own good day.

    Talking about the star power, I doubt any country football team had men to men comparison with the english team during the mid of the 2000s and in the 2006 worldcup. Each member of the english sqad were the star of their respective club, yet the so called golden generation won nothing. They did not even reach the semis in the Euro and Fifa world cup. I also wonder if CR likes to be in a team with other star with with same star power as of his.

    About funding……….If Moyes strongly feels that he needs CR then I think the board would approve the move and make the funding available. However, his needs may lie elsewhere like strengthening the midfield and the defense line.

    What reasons he might have for leaving………————
    His selfsteem, what else. He has money, fans, fame and everything. Any club will be happy to have him. He did not get the level of appreciation that he should have at RM, and with all the goals and fighting spirits he has, the want is even more. He wants to be loved, and wants to be appreciated for his hard work and for the effort he has made all the years to make RM more competent and lethal. He has helped RM destroy the monopoly of Barca by beating them or help level the match in the last five matches. Yet Casillas chose to vote Ramos and his other countrymen for the Ballon d’or. Did you forget RM fans booing CR a year ago, and I bet he definitely does not like it when he has given everything to the club and he has proved he is worth every single penny the club has spent on him.

    1. Nikica Kolundzic says:

      I’m not lacking respect for Manchester United,even though they had a relatively good season winning the PL again and taking it from their biggest rivals, there is no point trying to deny the fact Real Madrid have better players, and generally play much better during build-up to goals. I’m a United supporter myself, and I watched the match and was very unhappy with the decision, but you talk about me being unfair yet wouldn’t it be just as bad to suggest United would have won had they not had Nani sent off? Isn’t that underestimating and lacking respect for Real Madrid? Real Madrid were lucky to see one of United’s players go off the pitch due to a sending off, but weren’t lucky to win the match. It was a back and forth match and one in which United had more possession but Madrid had the better chances.

      Real Madrid are much more popular than Manchester United, it is proved that they have the biggest fan-base in the world, United are popular worldwide, but Madrid are on another level in terms of popularity. I never said they weren’t capable of beating each other, I said Real Madrid as it stands are the better side in quality of play and probably overall, but that doesn’t mean United can’t beat them, and if one thing is definitely true, its that you can never count United out.

      Of course Ronaldo would want to play in a team with lots of star power, you’re bringing in international history that has absolutely no relevance to the article? Your point is invalid, Ronaldo wants to play with good players who can improve him as a player, otherwise he could have easily moved to a club like Arsenal during his career and stayed there, being considerably better than everyone else and the stand-out star every week. To suggest Ronaldo doesn’t like playing with people of his quality is ludicrous.

      His self-esteem? The Real Madrid fans love him, did you not see the packed out stadium when he signed for the club a few years ago? He hasn’t done anything to alienate the fans, and his popularity amongst Real fans have only increased with every coming season. When did the fans boo him? And when did Casillas vote for Ramos for Ballon D’Or? Since when was he even nominated for that? He is valued and appreciated at the club, otherwise the president of Madrid wouldn’t waste so much time and money trying to silence rumours of him moving away? Surely that’s a sign of appreciation and happiness?

      I think you’re exaggerating the way I have portrayed Real Madrid and United, and there would be no point writing this article or challenging views of people if everyone was like you and accepted that they are both in the same league, and Ronaldo has an equal chance of staying or going. I’ve made points which are sensible and challenged views, you seem content with saying: “They’re just as good as eachother and Ronaldo would be happy to stay or go” that’s not what this article is about

  15. jp says:

    Dude. Its simple. I’ve been to both the Bernebeu and Old Trafford when Ronnie played. He’s worshipped like a god at OT whereas Madrid fans know they have a great one but don’t adore him. Watch the standing ovation we gave him at OT for the 2nd leg!! From reading ur comments, ur just forcing your views out here. Be objective. I’m not saying Man U is the best out there right now, but we r a few pieces away from being in the CL finals. By the way, we were in it just 2 years ago without Ronaldo while RM have never gotten there even with him! Do some research bro!

    1. Nikica Kolundzic says:

      I have done some research and you seem to be forgetting Real Madrid have been in the champions league for the past 4 consecutive seasons? You need to do some research, United are very far from conquering Europe, you’re being biased and absurd, they don’t have the midfield or defence to play against top sides with depth in those areas, such as Bayern or even Dortmund. He is worshipped at OT but remember that was the first time he returned, it was bound to be special and emotional either way so you shouldn’t look too much into the whole ‘standing ovation’ idea

  16. Josh says:

    With the way you have replied the comments, it adds to my belief that you are utterly forceful in feeding self idea and belief to others. I am a grown man and I can analyze things myself, and I was just telling the fact where u were forcing the readers to ingest ur logic and in areas where I felt was a biased analyses. You are a writer, and it will benefit you if you learn to listen to ur critique.

  17. Josh says:

    I agree with JP. To the writer for JP’s comment, hadn’t ManU been in the CL for the last five year that u mentioned. They won one, and were twice a finalist. Cmn u need to accept facts. Just for ur info, I am a RM fan first, then comes ManU. I judge fairly, and I do not have any biases to any of the team when i watch them. I feel sad if the referee has a poor decision and with it if the team that I support wins. I accept defeat and wins, they are part of a game, and I just enjoy football, and not rubbishes that surrounds this beautiful sport.

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