The easiest job in football

World Cup 1There’s no such thing as an easy job in football, while there wasn’t any way until TitanBet decided they needed someone at the World Cup.

The bookmakers have simply lost their head, a little like Jurgen Klopp earlier in the season. While Klopp was angry, TitanBet are being unduly generous. They want to send one lucky person out to Brazil to work for them.

The word “work” is used very loosely, in return for travel, accommodation, a £4,000 salary, and a Go Pro camera they want you to tweet, post a few blogs, take some snaps, and visit the beach daily. And we thought Carlo Ancelotti had the best job in football.

There’s no tedious interview process here, instead they want you to create a one minute video that showcases your originality and presenting skills – you don’t need to go too Jim White though.

Once your video is complete, stick it on YouTube and then post the link of your video on the TitanBet Facebook page.

The winner will be determined by the overall popularity of the video as well as the expert views of a selected panel of judges, and Ray Parlour.

Alongside submitting your video, you need to create a TitanBet account, like their Facebook page, and agree to the Terms & Conditions – sadly the Bosman ruling here doesn’t work, once you tick, you tick.

This year’s World Cup is looking likely to be one of the best yet and one worth chopping off an arm for. But instead of reaching for a hacksaw reach for your camera and get cracking on your video.

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