15 thoughts on “Ten Of The Best 09/10 Kits

  1. Rovers kit is just naff and you can tell a certain Man City supporting Moderator from another site has creative input here.

  2. Shamon – it was my choice to stick the City one in, as it’s one of my favourites.

    Neil should put his hand up for the Rovers selection though ;)

  3. I really like the two puma shirts. they look great. especially with lazio’s crest. it all just seems to fit nicely.

    and juve’s would look cool, but when they were designing it, it seems like they forgot about the shirt sponsor and just threw it on there.

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  5. Good spot JB.

    Don’t argue with me, I was overpowered by a Citeh fan to include it. Ironically, it was me who had to do some persuasion to stick the City kit in.

    I lurve it.

  6. Like the website lads, it’ll certainly be a prominent bookmark on my browser. Imo the Barca shirt is awful, such an iconic shirt, such a waste. As a Liverpool fan I think the away shirt is alright, nothing special. The Sierra Leone jersey is ‘interesting’, lets just leave it at that. Valencia, Lazio, Juve and Brugge all quality.

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