The Real Deal?

The Real Deal?

Tom Pyman looks the 2011/12 incarnation of Real Madrid and wonders whether they can finally knock Barcelona off their perch at the summit of La Liga.

Xabi Alonso - Quarterback

Xabi Alonso – Quarterback

Dean Hayes compares the classic quarterback characteristics of the American football game to that of Real Madrid central midfielder Xabi Alonso, who’s deep passing game has become the primary core of his team’s style of play ever since his days at Liverpool.

Xabi Alonso - Real Galactico

Xabi Alonso – Real Galactico

After much speculation and media frenzy, Xabi Alonso’s transfer to Real Madrid has finally been completed. Some suspect that Liverpool’s title hopes go with him, but I disagree – he will be sorely missed, no doubt, but it is a hole we can fill. He is certainly not easily replaceable, some might say irreplaceable, but […]