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Talking Points: South Africa 0-3 Uruguay 3

Talking Points: South Africa 0-3 Uruguay


The second round of group stage games kicked off this evening with Uruguay beating host nation South Africa 3-0. The goals came from Diego Forlan, first undoubtedly the goal of the tournament (so far), the second resulting from a dubious penalty decision. Alvaro Pereira then added salt into the wounds of the home crowd with […]

The View From Southeast Asia 0

The View From Southeast Asia


The magic of the World Cup captivates the entire globe, even those not directly involved, as Neil Sherwin found out on a recent trip to Indonesia. Walking down the streets of Bali, one of the 6,000 or so inhabited Indonesian islands, you would be forgiven for thinking that the locals were gearing up to follow their […]

Profligacy in front of goal costs Mexico 1

Profligacy in front of goal costs Mexico


While the eyes of the globe were on South Africa in the opening game of the FIFA World Cup, equally as interesting was the prospect of how Mexico would fair. Neat and tidy in possession from the start, the Mexicans replicated the composure they had shown against England at Wembley last month. Their fluid and […]

The Vuvuzela 2

The Vuvuzela


The vuvuzela has caused controversy this season, but Brett argues the local fan culture in South Africa would be lost without it.

"Have, have, need, have, need....." 9

“Have, have, need, have, need…..”


Sticker books have been around for what seems like an eternity and, like everything else, have moved with the times with FIFA and Panini launching an online version of the popular pastime. I completed my one and only Premier League sticker book as a nine year old back in 1994 after months of haggling and […]