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Bundesliga Round 32 1

Bundesliga Round 32


09/10 Bundesliga’s parapenultimate round began separating wheat from the chaff at the bottom. But further up, a clandestine affair involving the cereal grain components continues!

Bundesliga Round 30 0

Bundesliga Round 30


Bayer 04 Leverkusen 1- 1 Bayern Munich A very tactical game was played out on Saturday teatime between the winter champions, and the now-nigh-on-certain champions. Bayern held their full-backs deep, and Rib-Rob sought to get & go from more uncustomary defensive areas of the channels. Olic peeled everywhere, and dragged men to enable space for […]

Bundesliga Round 29 1

Bundesliga Round 29


Schalke 04 1 – 2 Bayern Munich HOLD THE FRONT PAGE… MAGATH IN NAMING SAME XI/FORMATION SHOCKER!! For the first time this season, the disciplinarian confounded expectation by opting to stick over twist… kind of. The Bavarian tactician couldn’t resist just one bit of tinkering – namely going with Farfan on the left flank, and Edu out […]

Bundesliga Round 27 0

Bundesliga Round 27


The stage was set for Martin Fenin. Although benched for EURO 2008s opening game against hosts Switzerland, Fenin’s Czech Republic side were toothless in the attack. The introduction of another striker to ease the burden on Jan Koller was urgently required. So what does old cruel Karel Brückner do? He chucks on Borussia Mönchengladbach’s Václav […]