Moments of Magic #3 - Nayim

Moments of Magic #3 – Nayim

The third edition of Moments of Magic looks back at a dramatic last minute in the 1995 Cup Winners’ Cup Final. #3 – Nayim v Arsenal, 1995 Mohammed Ali Amar, better known as Nayim, will be forever in the memories of Arsenal fans for all the wrong reasons. The former Tottenham midfielder scored one of […]

Moments of Magic #2 - Fabrizio Ravanelli

Moments of Magic #2 – Fabrizio Ravanelli

The series returns as Neil Sherwin looks at one of the great Premiership opening day performances. #2 – Fabrizio Ravanelli v Liverpool, 1996 When a player who has just won the Champions League shows up at the Riverside Stadium in a Middlesbrough shirt it’s bound to leave people scratching their heads. That’s exactly what happened […]