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Mock The Weak #3 1

Mock The Weak #3


Since my last instalment (where I made light of Nicklas Bendtner’s ability as a footballer), the Dane has gone on to score a hat-trick against Porto and a late match-winner against Hull. This can lead us to one of two conclusions: either I was wrong (possible) or the opposition on those occasions were of a […]

Mock The Weak #2 0

Mock The Weak #2


The past two midweeks have seen the return of European football to our screens. Over the course of these matches we’ve seen some fantastic games, goals, shots, passes, tackles, misdirection (if you’re Paul Scholes) or in the case of Arsenal, some really terrible efforts in the art of stopping the opposition from scoring. In the […]

Mock The Weak #1 1

Mock The Weak #1


Pat Mitchell joins the BackPageFootball team and takes a look at the life and times of the man commonly known as JT. No, not the former NSYNC member, but true blue Mr. England, John Terry. John Terry is a man who has often been in the media spotlight for the wrong reasons, but it’s possible […]