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Bundesliga Round 23 3

Bundesliga Round 23


Greetings! My name is Martyn, and I’ll be’s once-weekly Bundesliga Mr Mister from herein. The league is one I follow closely and adore, alongside Eredivisie, Serie A, and the three-tiered Football League here in Blighty! I’ll get it out of the way by admitting my soft spot enjoys caressing from Borussia Dortmund. Although I swear […]

Owen hat-trick forces Capello to reconsider 5

Owen hat-trick forces Capello to reconsider


Having looked at Fabio Capello’s options on the wings in his last piece Jamie Smith moves further up the pitch to the strikers, where Michael Owen is beginning to force his way back into the reckoning. Strangely, for a manager who seems to be so organised, so considered and generally excellent at his job, it […]

Injured players in Stead-y hands 0

Injured players in Stead-y hands


What do Owen Hargreaves, Jimmy Bullard, Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Paolo Guerrero have in common, apart from being professional football players? The answer is that all four have been successful patients of renowned US knee surgeon Richard Steadman. Steadman is responsible for an orthopedic surgery practice in Vail, Colorado, and his high profile patients include […]