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Mark Hughes: The most deluded man in football? 17

Mark Hughes: The most deluded man in football?


A quick glance at Tony Fernandes’s twitter bio sees the internationally renowned entrepreneur and Queens Park Rangers chairman describe himself as a dreamer. Scroll a little further down and you will find him once again urging QPR supporters for patience; the message: “keep calm, we will come good.” It will seem all too familiar to […]

Opinion: the Italian Blob 0

Opinion: the Italian Blob


Returning from a professional sabbatical and into actual sunlight for the first time in what feels like several years, Gav Reilly thinks that Football might finally, in 2010, come home

The Sack Race 4

The Sack Race


Every close season leading up to the new campaign there is usually a flurry of betting on which manager will be first to bite the dust at their club during the season. Wagering on who’ll be saying “so long, see yeah later, mind the door doesn’t hit you on the way out” first. It’s easy […]