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New King in Town 3

New King in Town


The news that Kenny Dalglish is to remain at the Liverpool for the next three years was met with understandable joy from supporters of the Anfield club, and Ian Mahon is as excited as anyone.

Andy Carroll: "Inglorious Basterd" 4

Andy Carroll: “Inglorious Basterd”


One must understand the term “Inglorious Basterd” to grasp this article. Yeah, if you have watched the Quentin Tarantino flick then maybe you know half of it, but I will try to simplify it in order to bridge a “common ground”—and to make one comprehend of what sense I take this term for. Inglorious: Not […]

Make or Bust 5

Make or Bust


New owners. New manager. New start? Its make or bust at Anfield and Eamonn Power looks at Liverpool Football Club’s latest managerial appointment as they strive to save themselves from their current crisis and the looming threat of mediocrity.