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An Eye On Germany #2 3

An Eye On Germany #2


The Bundesliga has begun. Three matches in to the 2009/10 season and already we can see the league shaping up to be a good one. At the start of the season, I said that the only predictable thing about the Bundesliga is that it will be unpredictable. At the moment the top two are Bayer […]

An Eye on Germany: 1. FC Union Berlin 3

An Eye on Germany: 1. FC Union Berlin


To the casual observer, a 3-0 win for a side from Berlin over another side from a western town with just over 200,000 inhabitants might not seem like a big deal. A win for Union Berlin over Rot-Weiss Oberhausen might not even register in most fans’ minds, what with all the glamour in the Bundesliga. […]

Bundesliga Season Preview 2009/10 5

Bundesliga Season Preview 2009/10


Last year; apart from Aston Villa and Hull’s brief stays in the top four, at the start of the season a child could have predicted the teams who would occupy the Champions League spots in May. Are you sick of this predictability? Then look no further than what has become the greatest footballing contest in […]