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Top 50 Players in the World (50-41) 27

Top 50 Players in the World (50-41)


Over 100 football fans, bloggers and writers sent us their opinions and contributions on who really are the best players in the world. We spent hours trawling through the submissions, and today we begin to unveil the greatest players of 2010 – as voted by you.

Bitesize - the BPF Weekly Round Up 0

Bitesize – the BPF Weekly Round Up


The first of a new series on Back Page Football looking back on the week’s action from around Europe, eyeing a couple of select leagues, the heroes and villains, some of the best goals, most entertaining games and other similar nonsense.

Zlatan: the €68million question 4

Zlatan: the €68million question


The alice band of brothers Tall but not a targetman, quick of mind but not of body, incredibly expensive but arguably not first-choice – critical descriptions that could match two players at world-class football clubs, both of whom have been outshone this season by a younger colleague who allies a formidable work ethic with dazzling […]

Man Utd's Top 10 Wishes 2

Man Utd’s Top 10 Wishes


BPF’s resident United fan, and regular match-goer Ed Diggins lists his top ten wishes for his beloved club in 2010. 1 – LUHG. Love United Hate Glazer. Last week’s financial statements has caused mayhem amongst united fans everywhere. While I never for once will believe that United will ever enter total Financial trouble, as the […]