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Talking Points: Spain 2-0 Honduras 0

Talking Points: Spain 2-0 Honduras


After watching their noisy neighbours recover from a disappointing start by annihilating North Korea earlier in the day, Spain hoped for a similar performance against Honduras. An exceptional display of attacking team football followed, but with a crucial ingredient missing that may cost Spain in the latter stages. Goals.

Talking Points: Chile 1-0 Switzerland 2

Talking Points: Chile 1-0 Switzerland


Chile chipped away at a dogged Swiss defense until Mark Gonzalez found the break through with the only goal of the game. An enthralling match with chances and cards aplenty, there was no shortage of Talking Points as Kevyn Doran reports. 1. Chalk and Cheese We all expected this game to be the relentless attacking […]

Talking Points: Honduras 0-1 Chile 1

Talking Points: Honduras 0-1 Chile


1. That’s More Like It A tremendous display of relentless attacking football from Chile was just the breath of fresh air this tournament has needed. We’ve raved about Marcelo Bielsa’s tactics on BackPageFootball, which he slightly altered today. Instead of his famous 3-3-1-3, Bielsa went for a slightly more conservative 4-2-1-3. Given that, conservative is […]

World Cup Accumulators: 15th-17th  0

World Cup Accumulators: 15th-17th


Part of the fun of the World Cup is that games endlessly churn out of our televisions at times of the day when we might not have even realised. Even the most avid football fan can be forgiven for drifting away from the action as the days begin to blend into one, particularly when the […]

Brilliance or Bust for Bielsa's Chile 0

Brilliance or Bust for Bielsa’s Chile


The internet is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Okay, so that’s not the best way to open an article about a perennial World Cup underdog, but bear with me here. As you’re reading this article online, I’m going to assume you’re privy to the wicked ways of the world wide web. Therefore I won’t be […]

Why Spain must fear the lollipop 2

Why Spain must fear the lollipop


Chupete. Paquirrín. Call him what you like. Because no matter how you label Humberto Suazo, he will be the name on Spanish lips this time next month. The Chilean striker was the top goalscorer in South American qualification for the forthcoming World Cup, scoring ten goals to fire Marcelo Bielsa’s side to South Africa. And […]

World Cup scouting: Cameroon / Chile 0

World Cup scouting: Cameroon / Chile


The World Cup scouting is back today with a look at both Cameroon and Chile. With Cameroon making their return to the World Cup scene, having missed out in 2006, the Indomitable Lions will form part of a strong African presence at the 2010 finals. Along with the Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Ghana expectancy levels […]

Eight more seal finals spot 1

Eight more seal finals spot


As the World Cup qualifiers draw to a close, a number of teams have booked their place in next year’s finals in South Africa. Reigning champions Italy, Germany, Denmark and Serbia all qualified from Europe with results last night, while the Ivory Coast, the USA, Mexico and Chile also sealed a finals berth. Italy’s 2-2 […]