Samuel Umtiti – Goal of the Season so far?

Gareth Bale might have netted a brace to guide Spurs to victory in the Europa League but it was Samuel Umtiti of opposition side Lyon who had fans salivating last night.

The 19 year old defender cracked a stunning half volley into the top corner of the net to bring the game level at one all, a strike that has been described as “technically flawless”.

Is it the best goal of the season so far? Based on what we’ve seen it’s an emphatic yes but feel free to post examples to the contrary below!

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3 thoughts on “Samuel Umtiti – Goal of the Season so far?

  1. A good goal but lets keep things in perspective. Half volleys are the easiest shot to strike well – the ball is usually sitting up nicely ( like it was in this case) and you can drive through well with a hard foot. A full volley or a power drive off the ground when running are far harder to get right. – as indeed are the freekicks like Bale’s on the night. Maybe not as dramatic but far harder in practice.
    You’d think no-one else had scored a good goal this season, with the drivel being talked about this one.

  2. “Half volleys are the easiest shot to strike well”

    Nonsense, they’re the shots that most often end up out for a throw in after being sliced badly.

    Also, it’s not like he just hit a straight shot. His body was facing forward yet the shot went at an angle into the far top right corner.

    Stunning goal, rightly getting the plaudits it deserves.

  3. Stunning goal, but in the end it didn’t matter.

    Thousands of such goals have been scored, but dismissing luck and recognizing pure technique, it must be a winning goal. This one wasn’t.

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