Roy Keane says Spurs always let you down, calls fans idiots

Roy Keane wasn’t impressed with Tottenham’s performance against Arsenal today in the FA Cup. The visitors lost 2-0, and the former Manchester United and Ireland midfielder didn’t hold back on his criticism.

He says Tottenham always let you down, and believes most soccer fans are idiots – especially the Spurs fans who were abusing Theo Walcott.

(videos via The Score)

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26 thoughts on “Roy Keane says Spurs always let you down, calls fans idiots

  1. Good to see keane tell spud fans what they already know..enjoy your trip to a frozen car park in the Ukraine in the Happy Thursday cup, in meantime keep entertaining the home fans with black and white footage of your team in the60s . All over half a century ago now

  2. And he’s 100% right!
    They were abusing a player injured on the floor, throwing stuff at him & the medic as he received treatment and then went ballistic when he smiled and reminded them the score as he was being STRETCHERED off, having to be restrained by stewards from attacking him. Moronic behaviour from a bunch of neanderthals who let their venomous hate of Arsenal overwhelm them like always.
    There is a reason why Spurs fans are loathed by not only Arsenal fans, but also Chelsea & WestHam. There is seriously rancid nature of their away fans and are a disgrace to their club.

    1. Absolute rubbish….
      West hams away fans sing about hitlers bombing, call defoe a c u next tuesday openly, Chelsea openly sing about gas chambers and you think we are bad and the most hated…
      Dream BT…..
      100k a week players r meant to be role models for children, and Walcock could have caused a riot with his moronic gesture.

  3. Alphonse,he was talking about morons like you at the immigrants.Enjoy almost winning a trophy once again,huh? Nine years and

  4. boo hoo,making hay with the chavs and the spammers now are we? Clutching at straws more like,just think of your own fans reactions over the years,adebayor at city comes to mind..The goons are far from whiter than white,you lot incite and run away and seek protection from the Police.It’s what you always do,ask your mates the spammers fan,they will tell you;)

  5. BT
    Your comments are just what I expect from a tosser Gooner.
    Who cares if Chelsea and West ham hate us. Fuck them and fuck you.
    He got what he deserved and gave some back…big deal.
    If you want to be loved…go get a woman you nomark

  6. Walcott needs to be given a 10 game penalty to ‘cool’ his ‘pampered’ idiot lifestyle. He has let himself AND his venerable club, down. It is a form of Racism and should be dealt with in a similar manner. It needs to be removed from our game…and quickly. Walcott deserves to be hammered…to stop other, like minded fools…..

  7. Behaviour of our fans was abysmal. But Arsenal fans have also been there before ie. bananas / Bale and Adebayor so please remember, glass houses and all that.
    Walcott gave a bit of banter. Big deal. Joke is on him now with a knee injury and no return date.

  8. All today established was a delay in your usual early end of season party. You are so full of yourselves that we will, as usual laugh last.
    Watch us on Thursday nights
    Your season will be over by then.

    From the EFFEMERATES

  9. Indeed, I really value Roy Keane’s opinion. You could not wish to meet a more intelligent or rational person; one who has never gone out to deliberately harm an opponent. What a fucking idiot.

  10. After we charged you a fortune to watch us turn you over, you then threw your loose change on the pitch, and then went home to watch keane call you what you know you all are.. Idiots..well you are.. Next stop a run around by knife wielding skinheads in frozen Ukraine in the happy Thursday cup.. Only pleasure you brainless fools get are the pre match black and white highlights of your team in the 60 s as the away fans laugh out loud. And Sherwood used to wear arsenal pyjamas to go with his arsenal duvet, arsenal wallpaper and posters of his all time favourite player, Liam Brady . Reliable sources on that . Hope the red army skinheads in Ukraine stab your little coin throwing cowards to death .

  11. Gooner Al…let’s hope you are as vocal at WHL later this season. Cyber warrior prick. See you in Park Lane…wear your silly red shirt and sing your wanky songs there.

  12. what is it with you Arse wankers? ALWAYS SMUG AND ARROGANT!! and Gooner Al is a fine example.Would love to go toe to toe with him!……

  13. That was meant for the racist cnut Gooner Al. I hope no one ever wishes something like that on you or your pure white aryan family. Have a shit life you racist scum.

  14. You have to love how Arsescum fans make such cnuts of themselves and then have the arrogance to have a dig at other teams. Fair play, Arsen_anal won the match, then you have to come out and say shit like how Spurs are hated by more fans than just Arse’s…then you mention how we’re hated by the well documented racist West Ham fans and of course the appalling and disgusting Chelsea scum who are associated to the headhunters combat 18 filth…are they your closest allies?? Fcuking pathetic losers. And then you have to say you hope Spurs fans get knifed by a bunch of skinheads. I do hope not all Arse fans are pathetic racist low life scum. Wnakers like those commenting on here make the rest of you look like degenerate racist cnuts. I’m forever grateful I chose to support Spurs and not racist Arse_anal. I’d rather win the odd cup trophy than be a racist piece of sh*t.

  15. Why is this twisted , bitter hate filled ars hole allowed to spew his hatred on tv , we all know this idiot is a nasty character with severe mental health problems, he should not be allowed to come on tv to insult the people who provide him with a living that he does not deserve. It is about time fans took some form of direct action to remove this cunt from our tv screens

  16. I actually didn’t know (…& still can’t believe) that this “Comments provision” area was meant to abuse each other. Jeeze, God should have mercy on you all….. I just pitty u a lot.

  17. Calm down boys. I thought Keane was a spurs fan and if he is then his comments are same as many I heard from spurs lads in bush hill park. And him saying don’t give it if you can’t take it is fair comment on the Walcott incident. Taking defeat with dignity is the mans way.

  18. Keane was a THFC supporter until they did NOT come in for him. Since then he has been like Souness and grinding his axe on THFC players when he played them. As a player he was decent but as a man he is a dirty assassin while as a commentator no one would believe anything he says as he is a conceited fool.

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