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Roy Keane says Spurs always let you down, calls fans idiots

by Up Front

Roy Keane wasn’t impressed with Tottenham’s performance against Arsenal today in the FA Cup. The visitors lost 2-0, and the former Manchester United and Ireland midfielder didn’t hold back on his criticism.

He says Tottenham always let you down, and believes most soccer fans are idiots – especially the Spurs fans who were abusing Theo Walcott.

(videos via The Score)

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26 Responses

  1. hategoons says:

    get back to sucking your managers lollipop.

  2. Huseyin says:

    Why is this twisted , bitter hate filled ars hole allowed to spew his hatred on tv , we all know this idiot is a nasty character with severe mental health problems, he should not be allowed to come on tv to insult the people who provide him with a living that he does not deserve. It is about time fans took some form of direct action to remove this cunt from our tv screens

  3. Jak Brad says:

    I actually didn’t know (…& still can’t believe) that this “Comments provision” area was meant to abuse each other. Jeeze, God should have mercy on you all….. I just pitty u a lot.

  4. tartanclaret says:

    Calm down boys. I thought Keane was a spurs fan and if he is then his comments are same as many I heard from spurs lads in bush hill park. And him saying don’t give it if you can’t take it is fair comment on the Walcott incident. Taking defeat with dignity is the mans way.

  5. Will says:

    Keane was a THFC supporter until they did NOT come in for him. Since then he has been like Souness and grinding his axe on THFC players when he played them. As a player he was decent but as a man he is a dirty assassin while as a commentator no one would believe anything he says as he is a conceited fool.

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