Rodwell’s time to shine

Another abysmal start for a club that needs to be setting much higher standards in performance for itself. With no disrespect to Fulham whatsoever, the idea of players like Damien Duff and Danny Murphy being able to completely boss a midfield battle against a team that has finished 5th in the two previous seasons must ring alarm bells for David Moyes. As a Toffee myself, I feel that thing could get worse again before they improve but as the title may suggest, I aim to highlight a positive.

Jack Rodwell’s performances have stood out this season already. He oozes confidence and for an 18 year old to look so assured and confident on the ball states that his future will be a considerably bright one. With Mikel Arteta suffering a further setback and captain Phil Neville suffering knee ligament damage this could be Rodwell’s chance to make a massive name for himself. He has already bagged a brace of European goals this season and with AEK Athens due to visit Merseyside on Thursday I fully expect him to be at the centre of an Everton victory. His teammates may not exactly be firing on all cylinders at the moment but Rodwell is by far and away the one to keep an eye on this season should you find yourself watching Everton. South Africa next summer may be way out of reach but he does appear to have all the attributes needed to be a regular international in the future.

Both Stuart Pearce and David Moyes have likened him to world class central defenders but judging on evidence of his early season displays, he would be wasted there. Already I can see the strength of Patrick Vieira in him and a shot like Frank Lampard in him. Everton fans are already quite fond of this superstar-to-be and as we speculate about how good he could be we all have a sinking feeling that the most likely answer to that is next summer’s transfer budget. Whatever his future may have in store for him, there is certainly no better time than now for him to take himself to the next level.

Catch Jack Rodwell in action for Everton on Thursday evening against AEK Athens, live on Setanta Ireland.

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One thought on “Rodwell’s time to shine

  1. agreed. very exciting and promising player. He will be one to watch for many years to come.

    And, I hope Everton put things together so that my fellow American Timmy Howard can do well.

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