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Football PinkYou can never have enough football related reading material and The Football Pink is the latest publication to bring together the works of some excellent writers and bloggers.

The brainchild of Mark Godfrey, the debut issue of The Football Pink features some wonderful tales from right across the globe with everything from The Football League’s centenary celebrations and Irish centre backs to football punditry and the Estadio do Maracanã on the agenda.

With the aim of giving readers “an eclectic mix of football related stories from a different perspective”, The Football Pink certainly achieves that over the course of its 21 articles.

Ally Moncrieff kicks things off with the sensationally titled “Winning is overrated” which will no doubt invoke acronyms such a “WTF?” and “GTFO” in the minds of readers but gives food for thought if nothing else.

As someone born in the mid 80s and started creating football memories in the 90s, both Mark Godfrey’s “Games of our lives: England vs. West Germany. July 4th 1990” and “When football came home: England and Euro’96” by Jamie Allen provide a healthy dose of nostalgia.

From an Irish perspective, Brian Strahan takes an interesting look at the history of Irish centre backs from the beginning of the Jack Charlton era in 1986. This first part goes up to 1994 and the World Cup qualifying campaign.

One of the more hard hitting pieces is “Dave and I, fighting our demons” by Trevor Keane which discusses mental health in football. Trevor’s honesty about his own experiences pulls at the heartstrings and they are intertwined with those of ex-Irish international Davy Langan whose book Trevor worked on in recent years. These 1200 words alone make The Football Pink a worthwhile purchase.

To close things off, Dominic Smith resists the temptation to deride Mark Lawrenson with simple insults and a fist through the TV to pen a sensible article on why the BBC pundit’s days are numbered.

For a first edition you couldn’t ask for much more and the simplicity of the layout means you get a nice “no nonsense” experience.  You can grab your copy of The Football Pink for just £1.49 and downloadable from Amazon for Kindle or Kindle app.

You can also check out The Football Pink via the website and Twitter account.

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Neil Sherwin

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this new football publication. I bought it on kindle and thought after a few hours reading its got great potential. Quite similar to the Blizzard, insightful, thought provoking and an all round good intelligently written read. Digital publications like this one on kindle or other e readers in this particular style is definitely the future of football magazines.

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