Puma launch revolutionary ‘sock’ boot

Not to be outdone by rivals Nike and Adidas German sportswear giant have unveiled a ‘revolutionary’ new step forward in football footwear today.


Dubbed the ‘one-fit’ the ‘boot’ is essentially a sock with a Kevlar sole in which a range of studs – including ones specially developed for various conditions – can be attached. The ‘sock’, when worn, is sprayed with a special polymer called Carbon Aprilscherz which hardens to provide protection and power. Puma claim the ‘one-fit’ will provide “revolutionary comfort” as it uniquely moulds to the wearers foot. Post-use the application of warm water for 45 minutes results in the sock returning to normal size ready for the next use.


Speaking at the launch in Monaco Puma athlete Cesc Fabregas hailed the boot as a massive step forward in player technology:

The one-fit will totally change the way footballers prepare and play

Fabregas and other Puma footballers such as Michael Carrick, Sergio Agüero and Mario Balotelli will be sporting the ‘one-fit’ this summer in Brazil subject to FIFA approval.

Puma have fallen foul of FIFA’s equipment guidelines before, most notably with the sleeveless kit supplied to Cameroon for the 2002 World Cup.

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