Poll: Did Suarez dive for a penalty yesterday?

The debate continues today over Liverpool’s controversial equaliser against Aston Villa.

Steven Gerrard converted a penalty after Brad Guzan was adjudged to have fouled Luis Suarez in the area, but many are convinced that the Uruguayan is guilty of simulation for going down too easy.

What do you think?

Did Suarez dive?

  • Yes, once a cheat always a cheat (39%, 262 Votes)
  • No, it's only being made a big deal of because it's Suarez (61%, 417 Votes)

Total Voters: 679

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12 thoughts on “Poll: Did Suarez dive for a penalty yesterday?

  1. Luis ends up ahead of the ball so he could surely have controlled it and scored or passed had he stayed up, Suarez would never let a chance to score go begging – so you can be sure he was brought down. if you have ever tripped over a curb etc you will know how hard it is to keep your feet – and you were probably walking – momentum meets obstacle = a-se over tip.

  2. Throw himself but didn’t touch the ball. Lost control and can’t pull back. Have contact with the player. Unfortunately it’s a penalty. Why question Suarez while it was Guzan who made the rash tackle. Nevertheless, if he didn’t lunge in Suarez was clear to score. I think it was a very intelligent play by Suarez. Soak Guzan in and made him pay.

  3. Completely bs. When he sees a chance to dive for a penalty, he does it. Unfortunately again, only direction where it looked foul, were from the angle, where ref was. And linesman was also wrong side of the pitch for this situation. Only correct decision would been yellow card for Suarez. Only lfc supporters can really be that blind that say there aint foul, cause they dont wanna see it as a faul. Im just wondering, when they will open their eyes, or are they so desperate for champions league spot or even better, that they allow cheating to win?

  4. @ lex king. I take it ur an Aston villa fan, as only someone whose team is sitting in the lower half of the table. Whose team have also done there fair share of cheating would make a comment like that. I am an LFC fan and I can say it was clearly a dive from the view we all saw it from although unfortunately any player in there right mind would go down if a goAlie got that close to them. And if u believe differently then sorry to say but your living in a dream world. Guzan should never had made a rash decision as if everyone knows Suarez dives then why put urself in that position. If a bus was doing 40 mph, down a sloped road with no breaks, u wouldn’t stand in front of it would u? As if u did then u would be stupid, same as the move that Guzan made, STUPID. Y.N.W.A

  5. No phillee. Im not villafan. And your writing is just a porr effort to try make cheating look like it would be accepted thing to do. No its not. i honor players who stand their feet. Try to find again video of this incident from all at least 3 angles. And open your eyes. From front its clear no foul, from left, its clear, no fould, from behind, harder to say, but youll see, the only contact what is there is Suarez moving hes right feet to keepers direction. He knew what he were doing, he did it well and got the penalty. Unfortunately. And i hate acting like this. And it was even a secod game in a row when lfc got penalty with cheating. Tell me, that you saw incident with Sterling on game earlier were clean penalty aswell?

  6. Top and bottom lex is that it was a pen the most important person on the pitch thought it was all of match of the day people said it was so why your rant??? I have seen manc, arsehole , and Chelsea players diving when there was no contact with a player! But there was the slightest contact with gouzan and Suarez , why should Suarez move out the way when a crazed keeper makes a terrible desicion to come out like he did ? We had 2 terrible desicions against us at man city and Chelsea that were blatant so why didn’t you come out and say things then ? Buy the way what team do you support ? Because I will guarantee you that I can find a bag full of desicions that have gone for you’s and your fans have been happy about it . Let me no your team am interested in looking it up.

  7. If any 1 wants to watch the swimming / diving World Cup put sky sports 1 on at 4.00 pm top contenders are young , janasai, welbeck , hazard, eto, Luis, and not forgetting the oscar ! The both teams should be banned from football there fans players and managers are all cheats and the world knows it.

  8. Ofc dives have happened, but what is the excuse for accepting them? I just cant understand how to accept those? i dont blame ref for penalty, i blame Suarez. He did cheat, not ref. Like Sterling did cheat and not ref on that game. This post is for yesterdays incident, how in the hell and why i would be talking here other incidents. And why im talking on here, is that ppl seems to accept cheating, when you look those percetages of votes so far. That is what is pissing me off. Im really hoping that we will get technology on football, goalline, red cards and penalties. Those dont waste time too much, you see more timewasting when there some dying swans on pitch when someone almost has stomped their feets. And even it has nothing to do with this incident, im Evertonian.

  9. Oh, now im bitter cause i dont liek cheating? You have said just many reason, why cheatong should be accepted. Why would he stay up, anyone would gone down etcetc. like its definitely accepted. When Evertonplayers go down too easily, i feel ashamed, not proud and happy like you seem to do. I just do wish that diving/cheating and ugly tackles could take off from football, and you could at least give ban later, after the game from diving, which causes penalty. But, it definotely does look that reds take anything for win. Not ashame of nothing.

  10. Any way lex give you loads to talk about get on the cheating t@@ts on sky sports now there’s been proper dives and not even getting mentioned on the Telly yanasai 2 eto 1 young 1 only 37 mins gone fuckin jokes it’s just because it’s Suarez he sells papers if it was osman diving no 1 would be talking about it.

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