Players that have been frozen out from the Premier League

Of course, when it comes to the Premier League, there are many players that have the talent, yet aren’t actually getting picked in the football line-ups for the season. We’re sure that these players are thinking as to why they never actually make the bench even, yet maybe it is a possible hint from their club managers, as to their possible future from here on out?

So, when it actually comes to performance, there is no doubt that sportsmanship is everything when it comes to making it into game fixtures. Of course, that too will always affect a player’s predictions and odds by all top sports betting sites like Sportsbet too! If they do not play, or don’t particularly play well, then you fizzle out a little bit from the limelight, right? Nevertheless, down below we have some of the once constantly used players, who have now become frozen out from very large game matches. Continue reading to find out more.

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Mesut Ozil

We all know and have heard of Mesut being left out of the Premier and Europa League squad selections, due to Ozil first-hand mentioned to the fans on his social media channel that he was left wanting, with cold feet. This has been one of the most surprising freeze outs of the season so far, as Ozil has such a prestigious reputation for himself; being that he needs no introductions on his career so far. Many believe that Arteta’s choices have been pressed down from above and higher club officials due to Ozil’s controversial comments on world politics, such as the Muslim concentration camps within China, which he believes have not received the media attention it deserves. Nevertheless, we are disappointed indeed.


Another player for Arsenal, Sokratis is another who has been left wanting, alongside his team mate Ozil. However, he has been neglected long before Ozil, yet due to the news of Ozil’s freeze out, he has been overshadowed by him in the media. His contract is due to end in January, so we believe he will be the first to go from here on out.

Shkodran Mustafi

Another player who was out of favour for the season ahead, has commented how Arteta’s decisions have not made him contemplate that his career in football is over; after all his mistakes in previous seasons are probably what Arteta heavily based his decision upon (Chelsea match in particular). However there has been some surprising news under the side-lines, with a rumoured signing with La Liga giants Barcelona. Watch this space.


Sepp van den Berg

The fact that Liverpool have given their resources for multiple signings of centre-backs, this can of course be worrying for the player. Apparently £4.4 million has been spent and well he still has not made the cut on to the team, or bench even. Many players such as Rhys Williams, Nathaniel Phillips etc. have leaped beyond in favour and, if we were him, we would not be resting easy right now that is for sure.

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Aston Villa

Henri Lansbury

Henri has been left out from the Premier League squad for this year, and with him being 30-years old, it is never a good sign nor a happy one. There is no possible chance to see him playing for the club now, not until January. So, let us wait and see how things unfold.

Ahmed Elmohamady

The right-back has been disappointed this season, with no game time at all to report back on. Fredric Guilbert and Anwar El Ghazi follow in pursuit of little game time. However, there are some rumours of a signing for the 23-year old, due to his contract not being due to end for at least another eight months.


Danny Drinkwater

Despite being off the bench, this player is still being paid handsomely to just keep up appearances! Danny is reportedly still to be earning 100k a week, despite not even having to lift a finger! Of course, he has some side brand endorsements that he is involved with, so he’s raking it in with minimal effort. Nevertheless, players will always want to play, despite earning for nothing. Football is more than a career for some and we totally get it. Let us hope he gets to get back into the action soon!


Yannick Bolasie

Yannick got excited as he was able to hook on to some loan football gigs via a Middlesbrough loan, however unfortunately it never actually happened and for that reason, he only manages to play these days, for the national team of DR Congo.

Beni Baningime

Another Everton player that failed to get a loan deal this past season, the midfielder has not been able to see any field action whatsoever.

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