Platini’s UEFA unveil new tournament plans


This morning saw European football federation UEFA unveil their intention to launch a new international football tournament, tentatively titled the ‘Nations League’

The tournament, due to start in 2018, would take place every 2 years, with fixtures primarily taking place in the slots normally used for international friendlies – particularly those between September and December.

The actual format of the competition is still being finessed but from what we know it will involve the federations 54 teams being divided into four divisions based on their ranking, and then further sub-divided into groups of three or four. The winners of each group will go into play-offs to determine the division winner, with promotion and relegation scenarios coming into play.

The tournament plans seems to be a reaction by UEFA to international football’s prestige being diminished in recent years, with the lucrative midweek television revenues being dominated by UEFA’s behemoth the Champions League.

What do you make of the announcement? Good for football? Or another money-spinner from the suits? Let us know below.

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One thought on “Platini’s UEFA unveil new tournament plans

  1. Sack of shite. Lending your club’s best players to your country’s FA for international football is like letting Sepp Blatter borrow your girlfriend for a dirty weekend; seems like Platini wants to get in on some of these no strings attached shenanigans.

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