Platini considers sin bins


It seems that UEFA president Michel Platini has two items on his bucket list. Numero uno is to usurp Sepp Blatter from his FIFA throne; and secondly to have a ‘legacy’.

In in this pursuit of attaining a lasting impact on Football’s landscape the former France legend has taken to flinging whatever muck he can find at a wall and seeing what sticks. His latest idea, according to the BBC, is the introduction of a rugby-style ‘sin bin’ for players who receive yellow cards.

Apparently Monsieur Platini believes this rule change, which would see a player on the receiving end of a yellow being put off the pitch for 10/15 minutes, would be fairer for all as:

the benefit goes to the team he is playing against, in the same match, instead of a sanction by cards which is carried out against a third team, the next on the calendar

Forget tackling FIFA’s rampant corruption, chronic racism or even, heaven forbid, workers rights in Qatar  – Obviously the real issue in modern football is rampant yellow cards.

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