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PIC: Willian posts picture of Chelsea crest on Instagram

by Conor Donnelly

In a transfer rumour that has spun more ways than I can count, Willian seems to have his sights set on Chelsea after all

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 15.45.55

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  1. Husseini Aliyu says:

    He is a good player, i thank God for having him in our team (chelsea)

  2. Okiinny says:

    Willam wil do good at chelsea -but chelsea shld sell ba,mikel and moses

  3. salman says:

    i love him becuse is a good player good lurk welliams at chalsea

  4. Willian is good singh 4 chelsea

  5. Magic Finger says:

    You are an opinion-less fellow, why do u just single out only the 3 African guys and said that Chelsea should sale them and you did not mention Fenando Torres who is not doing anything.at all. Moses and Milk is better then many players in Chelsea squad. so my guy think well and stop thinking in ugly way

  6. welcom willan 2 stamford bridge,morilho should use mikel for blooking 4 and luiz in central defence and matta for midfild

  7. My brother williams higher higher,ahead ahead,carry go, we your fans are behind your,congratulation you finally made it,glory be to God,more skills,more atacking,more goals,more winning and more trophies amen!! chelsea only need one more striker.please we have no player to sale but we can give lone.Chelsea all the way!.

  8. It is a divine blessing for somebody long time dream to come to past, i wish him best in CFC.

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