Pic: The top 8 table doesn’t look good for Manchester United

Manchester United’s home defeat to Spurs today was their latest slip up against one of the Premier League’s ‘big’ sides.

As the table below shows, they are rooted to the bottom of the top 8 table despite playing a game more than all bar Spurs above them.

Manchester City lead the way with 18 points, well ahead of second placed Everton.

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One thought on “Pic: The top 8 table doesn’t look good for Manchester United

  1. As a United fan I hate to say it but we are not going to be the force we were in the future. We have stood still and relied on old players for too long. We have appointed a poor unproven manager and are unlikely to be in the CL next year. Because of this we will have less money to spend and the best players won’t want to sign for us. Whilst we have stood still teams like City, Liverpool,Spurs have pushed on as have Chelsea and Arsenal, even Everton have improved when we took their manager. Is it a coincidence Everton have improved and we have declined?

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