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Pic: Manchester Utd fan starts a petition to sell Tom Cleverley

by Up Front

The loss at Stoke City yesterday was the final straw for this frustrated Manchester United fan.

Nobody told him, however, that the transfer window closed two days ago.


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4 Responses

  1. Barry Joe says:

    What? O please come on this boy will play like Cabaye if we have a good Coach ask Matinaz when he was at Wigan,trust me D.Moyes have no clue who the boy is.He DM has loss it Sack Him Now.

  2. Kim Hun says:

    Plz sell Tom clevery

  3. Liam Yates says:

    You fucking knob yo know nothing about football and sell Tom Cleverley but no one else and give david moyes a chance

  4. Liam Yates says:

    Knob Heads

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