Pic: Manchester City’s rumoured third shirt is a shocker

Manchester City have done a lot of things right so far this summer but it could all go pear shaped if this third shirt turns out to be legit.

Having Pep Guardiola as your manager, signing Ilkay Gundogan, and releasing a slick new badge are all well and good but this monstrosity is enough to counter balance all of that.

Nike have used a gradient effect with City before, back in 2014, with a navy into blue look but this goes a step further with orange/red.

City fans have often decried the fact that Nike don’t appear to have a grasp on the club’s traditional away/change colours which have more often than not been red/black and maroon.

Last year’s bright lime number was bad but this might even be worse.

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5 thoughts on “Pic: Manchester City’s rumoured third shirt is a shocker

  1. Who is designing these? Is it the local infant school? It’s a shirt for the beach! What’s this got to do with City’s heritage and history? Why not maroon or the red and black stripes?

  2. I actually like the orange and purple color profile, but the horizontal stripes may take a little while for me to become accustomed to. Much, much better than the new home kit, IMHO.

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