Pic: Aussie paper prints casually racist cartoon on City takeover

Manchester City’s owners have bought an 80% share of A-League side Melbourne Heart, and the story is understandably making headlines in Australia.

One paper, the Herald Sun, has done little to dispel the common perception that the land Down Under is prone to a bit of racism with the below cartoon in today’s edition.

It is important to note that the newspaper in question is a rag and football fans are already expressing their disgust via Twitter.

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2 thoughts on “Pic: Aussie paper prints casually racist cartoon on City takeover

  1. To say this cartoon is disappointing is to say the very least. It’s rightfully being ridiculed here in Australia as the trash it is. It isn’t anything but in very poor taste.

  2. Absolutely disgusting and a shame on our nation. What will other wealthy Arabs, particularly those from GCC nations, think when they see this? That if they invest in Australia they will be lampooned along with their faith. So much for Australia being “open for business”. Cartoons like this make Australians look like a truly degenerate people.

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