Pic: Arsenal fans make Tim Sherwood banner

There’s a North London Derby in the FA Cup third round today and Arsenal fans will have a sly dig at visiting boss Tim Sherwood.

Via @HotspurRelated

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3 thoughts on “Pic: Arsenal fans make Tim Sherwood banner

  1. I’m not surprised the Woolwich fans are clutching at this straw, but this banner would be better and doesn’t leave out bits of the quote like “as a kid.”… “I know all about the football club. I played here, it’s my club. I know what the supporters want. I know what they demand.” Tim Sherwood. Also… “It’s a club that means an awful lot to me and a proud moment. If you cut me in half, I bleed the colour of the club.” Tim Sherwood. See you at the Library Woolwich fans. COYS!

  2. You failed to mention that your “alternative” quotes were only made since he became an employee.
    Why does it matter anyway? It’s not as though he’s the first Gooner you’ve had as manager.
    Now what IS funny as hell, is that Tim Sherwood was odds-on favourite to be Doncaster Rovers’ new manager the same day he signed on to be your next ex-manager! LMAO
    That’s about your level, to be fair.

  3. Haha yeah and shite Hart lane was rocking when you got turned over by wham the other week sounded like you only opened ground to their fans! WHL19712004 Forever in our shadow

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