Photo Special: The Snood

The snood is this winter’s must-have fashion accessory. As the cold weather takes it’s toll, the scarf is appearing more and more at football grounds across the world. Alex McLeish believes you have to be a very good player to warrant the use of the neck warmer this weather, while other journalists and pundits are critical of this latest ‘fashion statement’. Gone are the days of the jersey and shorts, with bodywarmers, gloves and leggings commonplace in the age of the modern footballer.

“It’s like a fashion accessory and personally, I think it’s typical of the modern footballer. I don’t want to seem like a dinosaur but I think the modern game is full of players who are of the ‘softer option’ when it comes to playing football. I would see it as a weakness, slightly, that they’re not a real man.”
– Tony Cascarino

Goalkeepers, particularly Iker Casillas and Gianluigi Buffon, where early adopters of the scarfetta, but in recent months it has crossed over to the outfield players as the brash weather hits Europe. Daniel Alves and Carlos Tevez have always been keen wearers, but now nearly every game in Europe will have someone protecting their Adam’ apple from a chill.  Samir Nasri, Marouane Chamakh, Ashley Young, Martin Petrov, Mario Balotelli and Wayne Routledge are just a few who have jumped onto the snood wagon.

However, do they really work? Professor Ronald Maugham doesn’t seem to think so.

“This does not seem like the best strategy for staying warm,” he says. “A hat and gloves would be more effective, if perhaps less fashionable.”
– Ronald Maugham, School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, Loughborough University

Not ones to miss a marketing opportunity, the Manchester City club shop have stocked some neck warmers for £10.00. Just like the blue and white scarf made famous by Roberto Mancini, expect these to be whipped off the shelves just in time for the winter chill.

Harsh of the Emirates: Samir Nasri has been snooding it up this season.

Two for one: Alessandro Diamanti and Omar Milanetto cover up in Italy this week.

Snoody: Milos Krasic covers up for Juventus against Fiorentina.

Trendsetter: Gianluigi Buffon was an early adopter of the snood.

Feeing it: David Silva and Carlos Tevez have been sporting the snood lately.

“What, it’s bloody freezing mate!“: Martin Petrov feeling the cold.

What are your thoughts on the snood? Let us know, below.

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Kevin Coleman

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7 thoughts on “Photo Special: The Snood

  1. Indeed Ben, the players of old must be disgusted at the trends are appearing.

    I mightn’t have the skill of Nasri to pull off a snood respectably, but in Ireland it’s bloody cold and that’s more than a good excuse to invest in one.

  2. Come on, guys!

    This thing has been going for years now.. It isn’t something new and special.. What’s up with the buzz? Especially goalkeepers from Spain and Italy have wearing these the last 3-4 years..

    Get in!

    1. Chill out Iker, we know you were well ahead of the rest!

      Only this season has it started to appear in the Premier League, so it’s caught more attention than what it would have.

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