Photo Special: Dunmanway Rovers vs Liverpool XI

Ireland has already hosted the game in which Cristiano Ronaldo took to the turf for the first time in a Real Madrid shirt, but there was nothing beating Cork’s local minnows Dunmanway Rovers when David Hall decided to give Liverpool a ring to try and organize a friendly. And do you know what? They agreed.

Michael Kane, of headed to the game this evening and was kind enough to share his snaps with us…

Warming Up

For a full match report, look here.

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4 thoughts on “Photo Special: Dunmanway Rovers vs Liverpool XI

  1. anyone see the little kid on the tv3 report, all the gombeens were like ‘ah follow liverpool all the time, make it once over there a year’ and the little kid at the end says he supports dunmanaway and names his favourite player from his local team. Epic.

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