Photo Special: Dunmanway Rovers vs Liverpool XI

by Kevin Coleman

Ireland has already hosted the game in which Cristiano Ronaldo took to the turf for the first time in a Real Madrid shirt, but there was nothing beating Cork’s local minnows Dunmanway Rovers when David Hall decided to give Liverpool a ring to try and organize a friendly. And do you know what? They agreed.

Michael Kane, of headed to the game this evening and was kind enough to share his snaps with us…

Warming Up

For a full match report, look here.

4 Responses

  1. Adventsparky says:

    Heard the goal was good. Shame we’ll never get to see it :P

  2. Niall says:

    Check this out for the goal:

    Game is on lfctv tomorrow at 19.45.

    Cheers for the photos.

  3. bohsberlin says:

    anyone see the little kid on the tv3 report, all the gombeens were like ‘ah follow liverpool all the time, make it once over there a year’ and the little kid at the end says he supports dunmanaway and names his favourite player from his local team. Epic.

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