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At just a tender age of 19 years old, Ryo Miyaichi is already making his name in the Premier league, and the midfielder looks set to be an integral part of a young and fresh Arsenal set-up that can rule European football for years to come.

Just over a year ago, Japanese schoolboy Ryo Miyaichi had only just began making his name on the Japanese high school circuit. The Japanese youngster had just finished competing in the All Japan High School Soccer tournament before he was phoned up by the Gunners to be offered a trial. The teenager eventually did enough to convince Arsene Wenger to snap him up on a professional contract.

The Japanese talent operates predominantly as a left winger, and he is able to contribute to build-up play with his off the ball movement, along with his explosive changes in speed down the left flank. His acceleration allows for him to speed away from opposition defenders with ease and his dribbling ability is able to further frustrate opponents and even draw numerous fouls over the course of a 90 minute match.

It is his strength, coupled with the ability to track back that are the youngster’s more obvious weaknesses in his game. He does have a tenancy to push slightly too high up the pitch and do almost do too much with the ball on some occasions. There is no doubting his ability on the ball though, as he is the type of dribbler capable of consistently completing 70 meter dribbles up the pitch before passing the ball to a teammate, as seen in his short time with Bolton thus far. It is his ability to take on defenders that is the strength in his game, with it garnering him 3 goals and 5 assists for Feyenoord last season (12 appearances) and 1 goal in his short loan stint with Bolton Wanderers thus far (4 appearances).

The winger has already been singled out as a player capable of a bright future back in his homeland of Japan, with him even selected to be a part of Japan’s senior set-up for their World Cup qualifier against Uzbekistan last February, despite not being brought on over the course of the 90 minutes.

Miyaichi’s game has been likened to that of Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, with his explosive changes in space and dribbling ability capable of tormenting even the best fullbacks in the Premier League.

He has shown that he has the ability, along with the physical game to adapt to the Premier League, and it’s just a matter of time before he seals his spot in Arsenal, along with Japan’s first XI.

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3 thoughts on “One 2 Watch – Ryo Miyaichi

  1. I watched the Bolton game and he was on the right wing and made some great plays, even though he is naturally a left. His skill on the ball and movement led to a goal. I hope he has a bright future.

  2. I keep seeing Ryo Miyaichi ‘s name all over the web. A definate star for the future. Arsenal have a habit of letting their young players go on loan to other clubs, and then putting them in the first team when they think they are ready. Miyaichi will be big for Arsenal not just as a player but a marketing tool in Asia.

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