Nine methods football stars can use to boost their Instagram presence in 2020

Boosting your Instagram presence can be one of the toughest jobs on the planet. As it’s a place where everyone’s fighting to get eyeballs on their page, to enter that rat race can feel like a daunting task.

However, if you play it smart, there are a few methods you can use to get ahead. That’s why we’re breaking down nine of the best to consider for boosting your engagement too. Check them out below:

Working with an influencer

If you’re going to be boosting your Instagram presence, then utilising one of the most popular strategies on the planet with hiring an influencer is an absolute must. With an influencer, the ROI you’re after can be much higher than traditional advertising and earned media, giving you the type of presence that will spread word of mouth about your brand quickly.

When choosing someone, try to make your focus on if that person is within your grasp and budget, as well as if their audience will be the type to gravitate towards your brand in the first place. The name of the game here is honing in on how much their engagement means to your brand, as well as if it will increase the total number of sales you’re getting overall.

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Checking out an engagement tool

No matter how deep you’ve gotten into Instagram tools, one of the most popular to come out in the past year has been engagement services, which help quite a bit with getting your likes, follows, and comments up. Whether you’re looking to buy Instagram likes or get your followers up, these services are top-notch. Check one out if you’re looking to try and get your follower game up too.

Taking the time to get to know your fans

As you have an entire base of followers out there that like, comment, and share your posts, it’s important to take a step back and learn what exactly they’re about and why they love your brand. Believe it or not, your brand isn’t exactly just about you and your wants, but what other people see in it as well.

With a reflection of them just as much as it is your creation, learning what people want to see out of your brand is important, giving you perspective on how to grow it even further. Take the time to genuinely connect with your base, as it’ll pay off dividends in priceless insights about how to grow your business even further.

Connecting with new people

For how important it is to connect with your current audience, the other half of it is introducing yourself to a completely new audience as well. As the goal of Instagram is to be social, you should bear in mind that as your scrolling through.

Take an opportunity every day to dig through hashtags, as well as look who you follow is following. Little steps like that done on a daily basis in combination with keeping up authentic interactions like writing meaningful or productive comments on posts will help quite a bit in building your base, as well as put yourself towards the top of other people’s radar.

Posting at different times throughout the day

It’s common for your Instagram to hit a wall. With the algorithm, it can be hard to plan out content perfectly, as sometimes your posts get seen right away while other times they end up getting buried. To combat this, learning to post at different times can definitely help you game the algorithm a bit, giving you the chance to see where your brand is most effective, as well as when your audience is most active.

Try to plan this out for weeks at a time, giving more of a bird’s eye view on behaviours throughout the week and patterns over time.

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Aggregating more content as a curator

While you’re not exactly trying to become a meme account, aggregating other content people are posting and sharing it to your story is always a great way to not only connect but introduce your fans to new sources of content.

There can be a lot of unspoken quid-pro-quo on Instagram, where you share something for someone and in turn, they share one of your posts later on, which you should take advantage of. Start digging through for a few select gems you think represent your brand and deserve to be displayed in your story, giving your fans a taste of what you’re into. For as important as it is to develop recognition as a content creator, the same goes for being a curator as well.

Showcasing more day-to-day operations

According to ViralRace, a common strategy for producing more engaging content is showcasing more of your day-to-day operations on your Instagram posts and stories. Although we respect that you obviously shouldn’t showcase private conversations or trade secrets, giving people a sense of what you do on a regular basis lends itself to humanising your brand a bit.

Especially if there’s a special event or something going on at the office, expressing this stuff on Instagram is a great way to show off what your brand is about.

Using AR filters

One of the hottest trends on Instagram right now, AR filters are all the rage for engagement. From quizzes and dancing figures to face filters and animations, augmented reality has become the next big wave on Instagram Stories. As the most popular filters have started to spread like wildfire, figuring out how you can build one yourself as well as sharing one first is a crucial step.

Take a glance around if you can find someone who can build an AR filter, as these are going to be a top choice for engagement for years to come.

Throwing more contests

As a popular tool for getting fans engaged, throwing more contests can help quite a bit with your brand. A common format is having someone share a post to their story, tagging someone in the comments, and following whatever brands are associated.

This enables you to pick up more followers and engagement quickly, while also pushing the word about your brand far and wide. Brainstorm what you might be able to give away soon, as people are always a fan of free.

What are some methods you’ve used to boost your Instagram following and presence in 2020? Comment with your insights below!

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