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Make your World Cup $15 Futsal Team

by Kevin Coleman

Challenge yourself and your mates in our World Cup $15 futsal team. We divided the World Cup in half and using players from Groups A-D and Groups E-H, priced a select number of players from most expensive to cheapest. The one rule: countries can only be represented twice. Now it’s your turn to try and make the ultimate World Cup 5-a-side team out of a $15 budget.

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  1. Hamza says:



  2. Keith Siah says:

    Hart(4) – Lovren(3) – Toure(4)- Song(1)-Sanzhez(3)

    Howard(3) – Lichsteiner(3) – Moses(1) – Goetze(4) – Ronaldo (4)

    *Nobody is ever going to pick Messi when they can get Ronaldo for a whole buck cheaper. And Lovren for 3 bucks is an absolute steal. Would have taken Kagawa for 2 at a blink of an eye but realised having a Yaya Toure in your team basically makes all other choices irrelevant.

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