Luis Suarez stamping controversy: did he really mean it?

Luis Suarez’s double in last night’s 3-1 victory over Zenit was soured by an incident with defender Tomas Hubocan. Suarez, in an attempt to skip over the falling player, trod on Hubocan’s back. Nobody can deny Suarez’s determination to win at all costs, some might argue he’d step on his own mother’s face if it meant Liverpool got through to the next stage.

What we’re wondering is, did he mean it?

GIF: Take a look at his second free-kick from last night

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Kevin Coleman

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8 thoughts on “Luis Suarez stamping controversy: did he really mean it?

  1. Clearly tries to step over the player WITHOUT putting his weight on him … the Zenit players on 4 occasions rolled around clutching limbs for bogus “injuries” then leapt up when play continued – in one case instantly getting caught offside …

  2. Watch it one more time. He did one step before he step on player. He actually had loads of time to avoid contact. PLus he had no chance to keep ball in game.
    Suarez is dirty player.

  3. Always the same with him crying and shouting like an idiot if someone looks at him on the pitch but always doeing does terrible thing on the footbal field Liverpool should give him a 5 game ban …the same things he did 4 times her in Holland he even bit an apponent ….sorry Liverpool fans but the guy is not worthy your shirt

  4. Did Huth mean to stamp on Suarez earlier in the season? I don’t remember any such controversy then, and Huth got away with it scot free.

  5. There are two parts to this controversy. Firstly, Suarez did have time to avoid contact with the Zenit player. However, his reputation suggests that he has deliberately stepped on him. Secondly, the Zenit player was wrong to have been play acting. Players usually do try to exaggerate their injury but the Zenit player’s performance was ridiculous – he held his leg in agony whilst rolling around on the pitch. I think both players are wrong in this case, and the referee has chosen to avoid controversy by only giving a yellow to Suarez instead of both of them.

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