Liverpool told to make firm offer for Brazilian midfielder

Lazio have told Liverpool that if they want Brazilian attacker Hernanes, they’ll have to stump up a substantial offer before the end of the week.

The club president Claudio Lotito is quoted as saying on TMW

Hernanes has not been put up for sale by Lazio, but if an indecent offer came it would be assessed. His value is recognised at international level – it is not easy to find a player with his qualities.

The 28-year-old has spent four years in Italy after arriving from Sao Paolo, where he’s scored 33 goals and established himself as one of the best midfielders in Serie A.

He’s played 23 times for the Brazilian national team and was apart of the successful 2013 Confederations Cup squad.

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17 thoughts on “Liverpool told to make firm offer for Brazilian midfielder

  1. BR is looking for a versatile goal scoring AM or a tough DM….tis guy is not it…although he is good. (28 a bit too old to invest in)

  2. I hate BR koz he is pricing players at a low ratd n i also hate d club owners koz d ar poor indeed. D ar there signing aeroplane instead of players. I regret y i chosed 2 fan livapul.

    1. That’s one of the most unintelligent comments I’ve ever read , so called fans like you we can do without , if you regret supporting liverpool well then do us a favour and follow Chelsea or man city , they suite vacuous people

  3. Liverpool should be seen to be serious doing biz cuz the 4:0 win against Everton does not guarantee a top 4 position. More difficult matches awaits us and we need a strong squad. BR should be mindful of the eminent LS exit should we fail to clinch top 4 position. Buy players and stop behaving like a cash trapped team

  4. I hate people like you simeon, you don deserve to be called Liverpool fan. You do not no the Value of being a Kop. To my side I hope BR will soon bring Some body to fill some voids left due to Lucas Injury. You should at least have faith in you.

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